Mind Power for the Entrepreneur

Written by Maya Jakes

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Anyone who is prepared to takerepparttar necessary time to strengthen themselves by confronting their fears is guaranteed a clear path to mind power.

The subconscious mind is analytical. It creates, computes, plots, plans and NEVER makes a mistake! It is this part ofrepparttar 150963 mind that we use least but rely on most. The subconscious mind knows your desire and when it receivesrepparttar 150964 relevant information it organises them into a plan to enable your to reach whatever that desire happens to be. When it has finished computingrepparttar 150965 information it bringsrepparttar 150966 results to your conscious mind by way of an idea.

Do you feed negative thoughts and images into your subconscious mind? Thoughts of fear and failure?

Thoughts of not having enough? Your subconscious will loyally compute this information to bring you what you're focusing on. If you feed it thoughts of happiness, success and abundance then it will loyally compute this information to bring you what you are focusing on.

Your subconscious mind gives you exactly what you ask for so be very careful what you think!

Practice rehearsingrepparttar 150967 future as you would like it to be. See your desires and goals clearly. Cut pictures from magazines and place them where you can see them often. Now add emotion and feeling torepparttar 150968 visualisation you've created - how does it feel to be livingrepparttar 150969 life of your dreams?

Your subconscious mind can only work withrepparttar 150970 data it has available just like a computer. Feed your subconscious with images and feelings surrounding your desires and let it work with that data to producerepparttar 150971 outcome. Don't concentrate on how you'll achieve your desire - leave that to your subconscious but be alert for any little nudges that life may present you with.

Do you have a problem that needs dealing with right now? Write it out on paper in as much detail as possible then write as many solutions torepparttar 150972 problem as you can - include every solution no matter how unlikely you think it may be. Now look at those solutions again and eliminate those that will not produce a solution. Repeatrepparttar 150973 process until you have a small number of solutions remaining and then hand it over to your subconscious to work on.

As you handrepparttar 150974 problem over tell your subconscious what you're doing. Use a simple phrase such as "I'm now handing this over to my subconscious to find a solution". Now forgetrepparttar 150975 problem and let your subconscious get to work for you. If thoughts ofrepparttar 150976 problem resurface surround them with a speech bubble, acknowledgerepparttar 150977 bubble and let it pop. Soon enough a solution to your problem will present itself as an idea -maybe like a light bulb flashing on in your mind withrepparttar 150978 thought "why didn't I think of that".

This is just a brief introduction to Mind Power but you can find much more information by visiting www.mindpowersuccess.blogspot.com where new information is added regularly.

Jugglingmum runs several successful businesses both online and offline. She incorporates mind power, Universal and metaphysical laws to assist in the success of these businesses. You can find further information by visiting www.mindpowersuccess.blogspot.com or subscribe to her monthly newsletter by sending a blank email to jugglingmumsclub@getresponse.com

Some days you get the bull-What to do when you get the horns

Written by Paul Buckley

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Immerse yourself in a creative activity, such as painting or practicing a new sport. This will keep your mind away from worrying and you will win some well-deserved relaxation. Seeing your friends is also a good method of eliminating stress and worries. You can try to combinerepparttar two and get involved, together with some friends, in a new and exciting activity. Physical activities work like a charm as they also grabrepparttar 150962 full attention of your mind. A tennis or soccer match won’t give you enough time to start having negative thoughts, as you will be focused onrepparttar 150963 action. Activities that involve your mind – such as chess, for example – are also effective, as long as they are fun andrepparttar 150964 competition factor is low.

By followingrepparttar 150965 general guidelines presented above you will reduce stress factors and allow your mind and body to recharge their energy and respond better to any distressful influences.

You may freely publish and distribute this article, with my compliments, as long as this resource box remains attached and unaltered. Paul J. Buckley Ardmore Internet Marketing, Inc http://www.individualdevelopment.com

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