Mind Over Matter…

Written by Patricia Reszetylo

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Because of this horrific incident, Gwen vowed never to forget “that horses are people, too ... just in different bodies. They are kindred spirits with more generous hearts than any human can ever realize.”

In her efforts to reach and educate humans, Gwen is holding a two-session teleseminar that focuses first on understandingrepparttar psychological underpinnings ofrepparttar 143778 horse, and inrepparttar 143779 second session, on what to do with that understanding. The sessions are scheduled for June 22, 2005, and July 6, 2005. There is a fee of $49.95, which includes both sessions, class materials, and some unannounced bonuses.

For more information, or to sign up, individuals should go to http://www.EquineTeleseminar.net.

Patricia Reszetylo has been a horse-addict ever since she first met horses in 1978. Visit her at http://www.EquineTeleseminar.net.

Four Cat Litter Box Location Sites In Your Home

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Your bedroom (or another family member's) may work well. Ifrepparttar bedroom isn't occupied aroundrepparttar 143770 clock, many cats find this a preferable spot to have a cat litter box. If you consider a bedroom, think about kitty's bathroom habits. If she has a schedule that causes her to eliminate waste at 3 AM, will that wake you or other family members up? Willrepparttar 143771 noise and/orrepparttar 143772 odor interrupt your sleep?

If possible, a closet is a good location for your cat's litter box. Remember to keeprepparttar 143773 door open for her to easily gain access. Withrepparttar 143774 confined space, constant litter box scooping is a must to keeprepparttar 143775 odor to a minimum. Be certain you don't have any clothes items that hang down far enough to be affected byrepparttar 143776 litter box or its contents.

Cat owners are resourceful at findingrepparttar 143777 best locations forrepparttar 143778 cat litter boxes in their homes. Almost any room will do, although many feline owners tell me they drawrepparttar 143779 line at having a cat litter box in their kitchen. I can't blame them, except I have a cat litter box set up in a kitchen alcove in my home. However, it's far enough away fromrepparttar 143780 main kitchen that it's not a factor for kitchen hygiene. It's not my choice;repparttar 143781 cats maderepparttar 143782 decision for me.

When bringing in a new cat, or when relocating to a new residence, work with your cat to determinerepparttar 143783 best cat litter box location for both of you. Keep in mind with multiple cats, you'll need to set up more than one cat litter box for maximum use and efficiency.

This article only touches upon some ofrepparttar 143784 possible locations for a cat litter box location in your home. Look around, think like your cat, and I bet you'll find several locations that satisfies both you and your cat.

Nancy has successfully eliminated cat urine odor from her home, and kept the kitty that caused it. The Cat Urine Odor Advisor helps you save money and stop the damage in your household by offering solutions that work together to eliminate cat urine odor from your home.



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