Millionaire Mindset: Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Success?

Written by Rick Miller

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You mind will automatically stop you just like a thermostat turns offrepparttar heat at a certain point.

Harv revealed 4 easy actions you can do today to change your money thermostat and gain a millionaire mindset right now.

1) Stop blaming. You must take absolute responsibility for every result in your life. If you didn't cause it that means it's out of your hands. If you did cause it then you can change it and get a different result. What an empowering concept

2) Stop complaining. When you complain you are focusing onrepparttar 135313 problem. The Universal Law of Attraction states that what you focus on expands. So if you focus on what you don't want, what do you think you'll get?

3) Userepparttar 135314 power of intention. Take your current goal and double, triple it, or even quadruple it. For example, if you want to make an extra $2000 a month, raise your goal to $8000. According to Harv,repparttar 135315 Universe usually gives you only what you ask of it. You'll probably find thatrepparttar 135316 higher goal will spark your enthusiasm and energy and make it much easier to accomplish.

4) Bless that which you want. If you see someone with a fancy car, say "Good for him!" Don't use your key to scratch it as you walk by like a lot of jealous low brow people may do. If someone you know gets a promotion, congratulate him. This secret alone will cause money and wealth to start flowing to you effortlessly.

The more you practice these Millionaire Mindset secrets,repparttar 135317 more you'll discover that you too will experience dramatic success and your income will skyrocket.

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Keep Pounding--In Honor of Sam Mills

Written by Ronnie Kimball

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Sam battledrepparttar cancer hard. He once gave a news conferencerepparttar 135294 day after a round of chemotherapy beforerepparttar 135295 Super Bowl. As he balanced himself onrepparttar 135296 podium, he said, "You have your good days and your bad days. I am just glad I am having days, you know?"

**From someone who witnessed Sam Mills' courage**

"I met Mr. Mills as we were both receiving chemotherapy last year at CHOA. I specifically remember him speaking to a young man who was also receiving chemo and was so impressed with his attitude towardrepparttar 135297 young man. I had no idea he wasn't doing well. He was an extremely kind person and meeting him under horrific circumstances is definitely 'bitter-sweet.' " Cindy Helder

Although his football nickname was "Field Mouse", Sam was a giant at heart. Everyone was someone to Sam Mills.

**From a friend of Sam Mills**

"Sam, you always called me by name. You told me I wasn't just a fan but a friend that meant so much. Thanks forrepparttar 135298 friendship,repparttar 135299 smiles,repparttar 135300 encouragement. Because of you I will "Keep Pounding". We miss you." Flight Attendant/Golf caddy Jacque' kendall

Personally, I came to know Sam Mills when I watched him, at least twice a year, play against my beloved San Francisco 49ers.

Even though he was onrepparttar 135301 'other team', I marveled at his leadership and courage onrepparttar 135302 field. I admit---I secretly wished "we" had him on "our" team.

Rest in Peace #51

--- Keep Pounding Fund, c/o Carolinas HealthCare Foundation, P.O. Box 32861, Charlotte, NC 28232.

On-line gifts can be made throughrepparttar 135303 Web site at:

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