Milk: The Weight Loss Drug

Written by Michael Lewis

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In fact, satiety, that "I'm full" feeling, isrepparttar secret ingredient to weight management. "People don't like to deny themselves. They feel a sense of failure when they deprive themselves."

Broth, soups, and juices, along with whole fruits, vegetables, and grains, are high in fiber and water content, and low in fat and calories. "If you have soup before a meal, it helps control hunger and you eat less," Rolls says. "Low-calorie soup takesrepparttar 138859 edge off your hunger." Just be careful not to eat rich, cream-based soups, they could add calories to your diet, she says.

When You Add Water Rich Foods, You Add Volume But Few Calories


How it works: Water dilutesrepparttar 138860 calories in food. You can then eat more forrepparttar 138861 same calories. When you add water-rich blueberries to your breakfast cereal, or water-rich eggplant to your lasagna, you add food volume but few calories, Rolls explains.

Grapes have more water content than raisins. For a 100-calorie snack, you can eat more grapes than raisins. It's just that simple.

Fat Has Less Water Than Any Food


Fat has less water than any food element at 9 calories per gram, alcohol is next at 7, followed by protein and carbohydrates each at 4, Rolls says.

Want More Examples?


Considerrepparttar 138862 difference between chocolate milk and a milk chocolate bar. A 1 1/2 ounce milk chocolate bar has 230 calories, while an 8-ounce glass of chocolate milk made with whole milk has 250 calories. For aboutrepparttar 138863 same calories, you get a portion that is five times bigger thanrepparttar 138864 chocolate bar.

Add more vegetables, and less pasta and fat, to a pasta dish, and you get more food volume. You seerepparttar 138865 difference, and feel satisfied when you eat it, she says.

Obese people eat more low-water foods than normal-weight people, big portions of meats, full-fat milk and cheese, fried eggs, high-fat desserts, one study shows. They also ate few high-water foods like salads, fruits, skim milk.

Psychological satisfaction is powerful, she says. "We're talking about dietary changes that people can sustain. If fat content is too low, it doesn't satisfy your hunger. If you don't enjoy foods, you are not inrepparttar 138866 long run going to sustainrepparttar 138867 eating pattern. That's where people go wrong, they go too extreme, so they're onrepparttar 138868 same old dieting roller coaster."

Make The Weight Loss Switch


Rolls' theories are right onrepparttar 138869 money, says Hassan. "There's a lot of research to back this up. Foods with high water content take longer to eat, and they generally leave people feeling fuller. People feel better when their plate is full and their stomach is full."

Her advice:

Drink two glasses of water or other non-calorie beverage before a meal.

At a restaurant, either eat a small salad or broth-based soup.

At home, fill up halfrepparttar 138870 plate with vegetables, one-fourth with a starch, and one-fourth with protein -- sorepparttar 138871 dominant part is vegetables. If you want seconds, veggies would berepparttar 138872 choice.

Before going to a restaurant, eat a high-volume, low-calorie snack, fat-free milk, a piece of fruit, a cup of light yogurt. "You won't be famished, so you won't eat a whole basket of chips or bread."

If you getrepparttar 138873 evening munchies, drink bouillon, hot tea, or light cocoa, or have two cups strawberries with light cool whip. "It's a great dessert and only 100 calories," Hassan says.

Tea is calorie-free, has less caffeine than coffee, and is a great source of antioxidants. However, tea won't do much to help weight loss, Hassan tells WebMD. "Sip tea to get full, but I would never tell someone it would boost metabolism."

The bottom line for weight loss, follow a reduced-calorie, healthy eating plan, get regular exercise, and do weight training to increase lean body mass and speed up metabolism, she says.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Demystifying LASIK

Written by Mike Spencer

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When an individual wears contact lenses, for instance,repparttar shape ofrepparttar 138676 cornea is changed, so it's important to remove these and leave them out for up to a month before surgery.

In addition, your doctor will instruct you not to apply any lotions, creams, make-up or other products aroundrepparttar 138677 area ofrepparttar 138678 eyes for awhile prior torepparttar 138679 procedure.

Onrepparttar 138680 day of your LASIK eye surgery, you'll receive anesthetic drops in each eye in order to eliminate pain. You'll then be placed on a table which is positioned underneathrepparttar 138681 laser equipment, andrepparttar 138682 doctor will instruct you to look up at a small blinking light.

During your laser surgery, a special instrument will be utilized to hold your eye open, allowingrepparttar 138683 doctor to performrepparttar 138684 LASIK surgery, whilerepparttar 138685 other eye is protected by a shield.

With a couple of hours you'll be on your way home

After making a small incision,repparttar 138686 doctor will then exposerepparttar 138687 cornea, and applyrepparttar 138688 laser technology that's needed to reshape and repairrepparttar 138689 eye. Once accomplished,repparttar 138690 flap that was cut open to exposerepparttar 138691 cornea will be put back into position and will heal on its own, withoutrepparttar 138692 need for stitches. An hour or two afterrepparttar 138693 surgery is completed, you'll be allowed to go home.

Depending uponrepparttar 138694 individual,repparttar 138695 amount of corrective treatment that was administered andrepparttar 138696 quickness ofrepparttar 138697 healing process, what can be expected after surgery will vary from person to person.

Speak with your physician regarding recovery expectations before and afterrepparttar 138698 surgery and follow any instructions that are given, in order to ensure a successful LASIK eye surgery experience.

Mike Spencer reviews reviews leading, and sometimes controversial, approaches to improving and protecting our health. Here he looks at the pros and cons of LASIK eye surgery and whether it can offer any real benefits to improved vision.

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