Migraines Causes and Cures

Written by je Dunn

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Both types can occur at any time. But for some people at least, it is possible to predictrepparttar occurrence ofrepparttar 146826 migraine. For example there is a greater tendency for a migraine nearrepparttar 146827 days of menstruation or every Saturday morning after a stressful week of work. Although many sufferers have a family history of migraine,repparttar 146828 exact hereditary nature of this condition is not known. People who get migraines are thought to have an inherited abnormality inrepparttar 146829 regulation of blood vessels. The following factors often act as triggers that set ofrepparttar 146830 migraine.

Stress is one ofrepparttar 146831 major factors that can contribute torepparttar 146832 onset of a migraine. Now it may not be possible for you to get away fromrepparttar 146833 cause of stress, particularly if it is something connected with your job.

Anger can trigger of a migraine as well.

It would be good for short tempered people to learn ways of controlling their anger. The best method is of courserepparttar 146834 one to ten method. The next time you get angry count to ten very slowly before you really blow your lid. Byrepparttar 146835 time you get to ten you should have cooled down.

Both physical and mental fatigue can lead to a migraine so do not push your self too much. Enough is enough and when your body starts giving you signals that it has had enough, take heed and stop whatever you are doing. Just bear in mind that a little more productivity on one day is not worthrepparttar 146836 productivity ofrepparttar 146837 next couple of days.

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The Mediterranean Diet

Written by Ruth Polak

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Historically alot ofrepparttar milk was produced from goats and cheese made from goats and ewes milk. Very little red meat is eaten and a large majority ofrepparttar 146813 protein is supplied by oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, tuna, sword fish, boquerones and anchovies.

The main oil used is olive, traditionally cold pressed virgin, and this is used not only for cooking and in salads but also for putting on bread in place of butter.

All these foods provide a wide variety of nutriments which have an astonishing array of claims for improving our health such as lowering cholesterol, improving our immune system which thus not only fights infections but also helps to prevent cancer, increasing our metabolism, improving insulin sensitivity and thus lesseningrepparttar 146814 risk of diabetes. It really has never been so true that you are what you eat. Certainly since moving to Andalucia and adoptingrepparttar 146815 Mediteranean diet myself I have never been so healthy or managed to maintain my ideal weight so easily.

Of coures in addition to allrepparttar 146816 healthy components of this diet there isrepparttar 146817 added fact that honey is often used in place of sugar and little refined carbohydrates are eaten.

All in all most experts now agree thatrepparttar 146818 Mediterranean diet isrepparttar 146819 optimum diet

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