Midlife: Single, Lonely & Depressed? Try Dancing!

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Midlife Dating Coach

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Once you get into it you may not want to stop with purely social dancing. More people allrepparttar time are recognizingrepparttar 113050 fun and physical fitness aspects and want to get more serious about it. For this you need a steady partner to practice and compete with and thereís even a website for finding a dance partner: http://www.dancepartner.com/?AC=1 .

If you really get into it, youíll also need wardrobe. Matching Western shirts for you and him? (Buy it and he will come!) I canít imagine dancingrepparttar 113051 tango without a ruffled skirt, can you? (The rose in your teeth is optional!) If you donít want to spend a fortune to outfit yourself, take a trip to your local Goodwill store. They may have just what youíre looking for, including cowboy boots.

How to begin? Findrepparttar 113052 place, check outrepparttar 113053 dress code, and show up. You may be a little nervous at first, depending upon how rusty you are, and especially if youíre a true beginner, but donít worry, youíll soon be out there doingrepparttar 113054 Jitterbug withrepparttar 113055 best of them. The teachers and atmosphere will make you feel at ease immediately, and chances are youíll find nice people who are there to enjoy dancing in a friendly, healthy atmosphere thatís contagious.

Once youíve learnedrepparttar 113056 basics and foundrepparttar 113057 venues, you can add dancing to your social schedule. What better way to work off that Thanksgiving dinner than to go dancerepparttar 113058 night away afterwards?

Dancing makes a great family activity. There are at least two dance halls in my town that offer special family-friendly times. They offer food as well as drink, and itís sweet to seerepparttar 113059 dads dancing with their little girls in their arms, and toddlers takingrepparttar 113060 floor solo to bounce torepparttar 113061 beat.

Thereís also a chance to dance at local festivals. The recent Wurstfest in my area featured a huge dance floor with a 10-piece brass band imported from Germany that got everyone up and on their feet Ė from 18 months to 80.

As more people stay single for extended periods of time, line dancing is being offered more frequently. If you donít have a partner, or just donít want to dance with someone you donít know, you can wait till they play Cotton Eyed Joe, Mambo No. 5, Strokiní or Boot Scootiní Boogie and get out there on your own.

But youíll haverepparttar 113062 most fun if you go ahead and ask someone to dance, and ladies, donít be shy. Itís quite acceptable to ask men to dance. In fact I thinkrepparttar 113063 guys appreciate it.

Whatever your goal, looking for friends or a partner, wanting to master new dances, or simply to get exercise and have fun, you canít go wrong. Itís highly probable youíll find all these when you go out dancing.

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Know Your Bodybuilding Supplement - L-Carnitine

Written by Rick Mitchell

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Many bodybuilders use it forrepparttar following reasons:

1. It promotes muscle growth.

2. It increases energy.

3. It helps to burn fat.

4. It helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

L-carnitine is a relatively safe supplement providedrepparttar 113049 manufacturer's recommendations are followed. As with all supplements, remain aware that l-carnitine could be contained in other products so readrepparttar 113050 labels carefully to ensure your daily intake does not exceed four grams.

Rick Mitchell is the creator of the bodybuildingadvisor.com website that provides guidance and information to athletes at all levels of bodybuilding experience. Go to Bodybuilding Advice to learn more about the issues covered in this article.

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