Mid-Year Success Check: Are You Halfway There?

Written by Kathy Gulrich

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2 - Take one small action every day

Most worthwhile goals aren't achieved overnight. So it's helpful to find ways to keep your momentum going. Suggestion? Every single day, do at least one thing that will get you closer to your goal.

Make a phone call

Find an organization that can help, and ask for information

Write in your journal

Read about your goal

Keep a chart of your progress

Make a list of your successes

Join an online support group

Pat yourself onrepparttar back (or get someone else to pat you onrepparttar 145382 back!)

Don't let a day go by without doing something - even a teensy weensy little something - toward your goal. You'll find it really adds up.

3 - Getrepparttar 145383 word out

Over and over, research has shown that people who tell others about their goals are more successful at achieving them. So don't keep it to yourself - tellrepparttar 145384 world what you're up to!

Share your struggles, and your successes. Ask for help when you need it. Even better, help someone else achieve their goal. Find as many ways as you can to broadcast your commitment.

Are you going to stumble alongrepparttar 145385 way? Maybe so. But if you've gotrepparttar 145386 right goal - andrepparttar 145387 right tools - you'll get there.

And with any luck at all, you'll be there long before it's time to make your resolutions for next year.

Best-selling author and coach Kathy Gulrich helps clients get from 'idea' to 'action' to 'results' more quickly, and more easily - whether they're looking to write a book, develop a new product, or market their product or business.

In a nutshell,Kathy is all about taking action - and getting exceptional results. Learn more at http://www.smARTbusinessCoaching.com

The Laid Daughter --- Book Review

Written by Faye Brown

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The therapist also expresses how quickly Helen was able to work through her demons as shown byrepparttar following excerpt:

"Helen spent only a year in intense psychotherapy with me. The average length of treatment time is somewhere between five and ten years. She was highly motivated and followed her gut instincts in making therapeutic decisions for herself. She read. She wrote. She practiced suggestive directives. She attended a national conference for adult survivors. Her art work was another vehicle for self-understanding. She used relaxation techniques when feeling panicky. She begin to fill her new "house" by acknowledging and fulfillingrepparttar 145381 needs of her integrating selves. Decisions Helen made for herself rather than against herself wererepparttar 145382 catalyst toward wholeness."

As you can see, byrepparttar 145383 above excerpt, healing from incest or any other form of childhood abuse can be done with hard work and determination. I would recommend this find piece of work to anyone who has sufferedrepparttar 145384 pain and anguish of child abuse or to anyone who wants to discover how they can make changes in their own life that can help them move forward to living life to its fullest.

Copyrighted 2005: Faye Brown. All Rights Reserved. Faye Brown isrepparttar 145385 author ofrepparttar 145386 upcoming novel, Strange Fruit In A Small Town. Her website address is: http://www.newnovel.bravehost.com Her blog address is: http://www.fayebrown.blogspot.com.

Faye Brown, author of the upcoming novel, Strange Fruit In A Small Town. http://www.newnovel.bravehost.com http://www.fayebrown.blogspot.com Copyrighted 2005: Faye Brown: All Rights Reserved.

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