Microsoft walks Halo to the bank

Written by SEVEN

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Video game movies have had a rough track record -repparttar very best have scraped by as mediocre summer sleepers, and some, like Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, have bombed in Box Office Sales, but Microsoft is confident inrepparttar 145268 weightrepparttar 145269 Halo franchise has overrepparttar 145270 13-34 demographic, and expects ticket sales onrepparttar 145271 order ofrepparttar 145272 first two games, Halo 2 alone generating $125 million in revenue on launch and causing dozens of Halo forums to pop up in its wake. The profits are secure,repparttar 145273 fanbase is eager forrepparttar 145274 Halo story to unfold, and merchandizers are ready to cash in, but dedicated Halo fans can only hope thatrepparttar 145275 Halo movie will be done right and live up torepparttar 145276 lofty expectations Bungie has never failed to achieve and surpass.

SEVEN is a mysterious and influential member of the Microsoft and Bungie Community. He has recently set up a Halo forum and a Halo 3 forum for members to discuss the latest bungie happenings.

Will Your Business Survive Without You?

Written by Kathy Gulrich

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Send them a thank you note?

Give/send them an Artist Pack (folder with you Bio, Artist Statement, Resume, and other information about you and your work)?

Add them to your database? How? When?

Follow up with them regularly? How often? In what way(s)?

Invite them to your events?

Send event announcements?

Send holiday cards?

Ask them for referrals?

Chances are, if you have a 'system' for doing things, you'll be more consistent. And that's likely to make your business stronger.

2 - Let people know where you keep things

Okay, I actually do need to be around for some things - for example, my 1:1 telephone coaching sessions.

But other processes don't need me at all. Take, for example, my book, "187 Tips for Artists."

It's already written, already published

Website's up

Advertising (googleAdwords) is in place

Orders are moving smoothly through online booksellers, my website/shopping cart, retail outlets

Revenue is automatically deposited in my business account

So what'srepparttar problem? Once again, I'mrepparttar 145251 only person right now who knows how this works.

Unless I write down my 'book-selling' system - and let someone know where to find it - if I'm not around, my book sales come to a screeching halt.

I've put way too much work intorepparttar 145252 book to allow that to happen. So I'm writing - and will soon be sharing - exactly how my 'book-selling' system works, and how to keep it working without me.

So that'srepparttar 145253 point of this section: Writing your systems is justrepparttar 145254 first step. You also have to let a trusted colleague (or assistant, or family member, or friend) know where they are - and how to use them.

3 - Automate and delegate

One ofrepparttar 145255 coolest benefits of writing out your systems and procedures is that you'll see places that you can automate ... or delegate.

Yep. That means less work for you!

Looking back at my procedures for new clients, for example, it's pretty clear that I don't need to do everything myself.

For starters, I could ask someone else to put together and mailrepparttar 145256 Welcome Packs for me. That could be a half hour or so every time I add a client.

And where does automation come in? Wherever possible, I say. Case in point, I used my automated broadcasting system to send out this month's newsletter.

I couldn't do it myself, because I was on vacation.....

Ahhhhhhhh. Automation..............

Best-selling author and coach Kathy Gulrich helps clients get from 'idea' to 'action' to 'results' more quickly, and more easily - whether they're looking to write a book, develop a new product, or market their product or business.

In a nutshell,Kathy is all about taking action - and getting exceptional results. Learn more at

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