Microsoft and Google Show It's Time for RSS Marketing

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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C] Broader RSS integration in Microsoft's tools will enable for additional RSS uses, far beyond basic content delivery inrepparttar form of stories, podcasts and products. Marketers and developers will be able to deploy rich interaction applications to make communication and business/personal interaction more fluent, easier and more effective. In essence, for many advanced marketersrepparttar 145721 capability of marketing with RSS will mean their either “in” or “out” ofrepparttar 145722 game.

D] This is now official. Marketers need to start takingrepparttar 145723 lead and implementing RSS feeds accross all their communicational innitiatives, from PR to direct marketing and sales.

And to top all of this, Google just recently started serving Google AdSense ads in RSS feeds as well.

The deeper meaning behind this is four-fold:

A] The new "program" isrepparttar 145724 perfect opportunity for RSS publishers to monetize their RSS feeds. With inclussion in Google's standard "runnings" of AdSense ads, publishers can expect to monetize on RSS immediately.

B] This is yet another reason for publishers to start publishing their content via RSS, especially since it won't cost them anything or very little, but will provide them with an additional source of revenues. Withrepparttar 145725 low-cost aspect of RSS, we can expect a flood of new publishers to set-up RSS feeds of their content to generate additional AdSense clicks.

C] With RSS ads included in feeds, more advertisers will become aware of RSS and its marketing potential.

D] Using RSS advertising publishers are now not only creating an additional revenues source, but are in fact making sure they don't lose ad revenue opportunities.

We used to refer to RSS asrepparttar 145726 future. Well, that future is now. If you’re not ready to start marketing with RSS, time just might run you over. As well as your competitors …

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Monetize Your Website

Written by Stephen Cope

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There is no code to update no special offers to promote, you just keep writing web pages and includerepparttar Google code. You don't need to monitor multiple affiliate programs and cash lots of small checks. You just get a single check from Google.

Not only does PPC advertising generate revenue forrepparttar 145720 website owner it also provides valuable resources forrepparttar 145721 website visitor, asrepparttar 145722 adverts are target adverts that relate torepparttar 145723 web page content ( so called contextual ads).

So if you haven't already started with PPC adverts then your letting money slip through your fingers and denying your visitors access to related resources.

Stephen Cope is a freelance trainer and Webmaster. You can learn more about Google Adwords and how to make money with websites at

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