Microsoft Optical Mouse

Written by Laura Hickey

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or XP home or professional edition. It connects through a USB port or PS/2. The mouse has a comfortable design for one's hand with two buttons and a scroll wheel. The light is red that lightens up whenrepparttar mouse is lifted up from a surface. So far no problems with this mouse and it wasn't overly expensive. The cost: around $19.99. Available for purchase at most office supply stores

Laura Hickey is a freelance writer and children's author.

10 amazing facts you might not know about television

Written by Irene Revallio

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Man's largest television set was unveiled inrepparttar Japanese city of Tsukuba and measured 24.3m by 45.7m [ 80ft by 150ft ]. It was used inrepparttar 142148 1985 Japanese International Exposition and displayed a series of specially created films containing varied artistic and cultural creations. The largest number of adverts featuring a companies president were made for Wendy's Hamburger restaurants inrepparttar 142149 United States and featured Dave Thomasrepparttar 142150 corporation creator. In all he has starred in 652 adverts withrepparttar 142151 shortest being five seconds andrepparttar 142152 longest being sixty seconds. These commercials have won thirty six major advertising awards and have made Dave as well known as his Food. Whilst viewing an episode ofrepparttar 142153 hit Japanese kids show Pokemon over seven hundred Japanese children were rushed to hospital with severe convulsions and trauma. This was caused by a ten second scene in whichrepparttar 142154 shows star Pikachu flashed his big red eyes torepparttar 142155 sound of a huge booming explosion. Inrepparttar 142156 Statesrepparttar 142157 largest section ofrepparttar 142158 Television audience is made up of pre-school children.On average their weekly viewing turns out to be inrepparttar 142159 area of 30.4 hours which means byrepparttar 142160 age of 17 they would have amassed about 15000 hours of television watching. Amazingly this adds up to a staggering two years of solid viewing.

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