Microsoft Great Plains: if you are orphan client – what to-do and FAQ

Written by Andrew Karasev

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•Hardware Requirements. If you have strong IT group in-house – have them login to MBS customer source and get hardware and OS requirement for Great Plains version you plan on upgrade to. •Upgrade. Very good scenario is to have outside consultant for initiating and finishing upgrade, when upgrade itself is done by your own IT group. Also upgrade has to do with modifications you have. •Migration. If you are on Pervasive SQL 2000 or Ctree Great Plains Dynamics or Great Plains Accounting 9.5 or earlier – you need migration tool and migration •Modified Reports. Great Plains ReportWriter reports will be automatically upgraded, exceptrepparttar few of them, which needs to be redone. Onrepparttar 142659 customer source you will findrepparttar 142660 list of these report which needs to be recreated. Crystal Reports usually do not need upgrade. •Dexterity Customization. This piece is probablyrepparttar 142661 one for outside Great Plains Dexterity consultant or programmer. Great Plains Dexterity is programming language and IDE andrepparttar 142662 complexity ofrepparttar 142663 upgrade may vary, depending onrepparttar 142664 quality of customization design and coding andrepparttar 142665 level of integration withrepparttar 142666 main application (usually DYNAMICS.DIC) •Integrations. The integration may work as is – especially if it deploys SQL scripts and stored procs. If it doesn’t work – you need programmer help – who understands Great Plains architecture and table structure. Good luck with upgrade, implementation, customization and integration and if you have issues or concerns – we are here to help! If you want us to dorepparttar 142667 job - give us a call 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918!

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Protecting Your Computer from Adware and Spyware

Written by Amanda Huber

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How can I make sure I don't get these on my computer?

* Never download programs or files from a website you don't know and trust. * Never open email attachments unless you know what they are. If you receive an email from a friend, butrepparttar text is strange and you don't know whatrepparttar 142630 attachment is do not open it. Write to your friend and make sure they sentrepparttar 142631 email. * Keep an antivirus program running on your computer at all times. You may also want to download Microsoft's Spyware program which can be found free here: More comprehensive articles on adware and spyware may be found here:

An authority on integrated web databases, Amanda Huber is co-owner of Vulcan Creative Labs, LLC ( and, an online genealogy photo archive. She occasionally contributes articles for Dead Fred's e-newsletter Relatively Speaking which help genealogy researchers with more technical aspects of their online tasks.

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