Microsoft And Peru

Written by Richard Lowe

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Personally, I don't care whether or not something is open source, closed source, proprietary, GNU or anything else. The software must meetrepparttar needs ofrepparttar 133552 project or it's useless. The Software must be maintainable and have a reasonable promise of future maintenance. It must perform all required functions and as many optional functions as needed. The product must have a good ROI (return on investment) as well.

I've been managing large projects for 25 years, and return on investment is usuallyrepparttar 133553 part that is missed by most technical people. We look atrepparttar 133554 cost of a product and think, "wow, this is free and this is $425, I'll getrepparttar 133555 free one".

That equation, unfortunately, does not work. The cost of a product must be measured over it's entire lifetime and includes many variables. These include training (teaching people how to use it and keep it going as well as changing it), maintenance, security, hardware, "fit" torepparttar 133556 requirements, and dozens (if not hundreds) of other things. I've found that once ALL ofrepparttar 133557 variables are factored in, Microsoft does not come out as bad as most people would like to think.

Microsoft is being a little heavy handed here, and I'm somewhat surprised thatrepparttar 133558 US Government is playing along. I don't see any vital US interests threatened.

However, one must remember that there were no vital US interests threatened in Guatemala inrepparttar 133559 1950s. There were justrepparttar 133560 Dole banana farms, which were in danger of being taken over byrepparttar 133561 democratic government. So good old president Eisenhower ordered repparttar 133562 CIA to overthrow that government and replaced it with a much less democratic version, which, of course, was "smart enough" to leaverepparttar 133563 Dole banana farms alone. Don't believe me, read your history books. (This is one ofrepparttar 133564 more despicable chapters in American history - aiding inrepparttar 133565 overthrow of a legitimate government so that some banana company would not be inconvenienced.)

Point beingrepparttar 133566 government may not in actually have a vital interest at stake, butrepparttar 133567 officials may, or large corporations which have contributed lots of money may as well. This might makerepparttar 133568 government do things which, onrepparttar 133569 face of it, make no sense (and on deeper analysis still don't make any sense).

So am I opposed to Microsoft's attempt to stop Peru? Of course as it is meddling inrepparttar 133570 affairs of another country. Do I understand why it's doing this? Of course. And do I understand whyrepparttar 133571 US government is playing along? Sure, it's pretty obvious.

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Bug Tracking Points to Consider

Written by Seapine Software

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4. "Open source" does not mean "no cost."

There is a misconception that if something is free, there is no cost and you automatically save by choosing it as your tool. Asrepparttar saying goes, "There is no free lunch." What isrepparttar 133551 catch? Hidden costs! Hidden costs include such things asrepparttar 133552 hours needed to compile, setup, customize, and maintainrepparttar 133553 solution. Many open source solutions requirerepparttar 133554 person administeringrepparttar 133555 solution be familiar with, if not an expert in, scripting and one or more programming languages or meta languages. There are additional costs in upgrading which are further increased if you have modifiedrepparttar 133556 source code. For most development teams,repparttar 133557 cost ofrepparttar 133558 open source effort quickly exceedsrepparttar 133559 cost of purchasing and deploying TestTrack Pro.

5. Developing your own solution is not free.

Many database products onrepparttar 133560 market today can help you build a solution from scratch. The problem is you are performing a custom software development effort that includes all ofrepparttar 133561 costs you currently incur and are able to bill when developing solutions you sell to your customers. Seapine Software has a team of software engineers and quality assurance personnel working full time on improving TestTrack Pro. With an in-house solution, like an open source solution,repparttar 133562 cost of developing your own solution quickly exceedsrepparttar 133563 cost of purchasing and deploying TestTrack Pro.

6. Bug tracking should be easy to install, use, and maintain.

Your bug tracking solution is supposed to save you time. It should not take days or even hours to install a bug tracking solution. The software should also work out ofrepparttar 133564 box with minimal customization. You should be able to customize it as you are using it. And, you should not have to dedicate a person to maintain it.

Make surerepparttar 133565 product you select saves you time, improves your process, and allows clear communication ofrepparttar 133566 issues to all team members. Ease-of-use is a REAL benefit of TestTrack Pro. Seapine Software delivers a solution that is easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, without compromising features.

Established in 1995, Seapine Software has emerged into a proven leader in providing advanced cross-platform software life-cycle management solutions. Backed by market-leading technical support, a rapidly growing community of customers in over 52 countries, an unmatched combination of flexibility, and speed and ease of use, there isn't a better choice than Seapine.

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