Micro Loans Can Mean Macro Success for Your Business

Written by Cheryl Antier

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What is a microenterprise?

It is any business that can be started for less than $35,000, has fewer than five employees and has an annual revenue of less than $100,000.

What kind of businesses are eligible for microenterprise loans?

Traditional businesses such as: beauty parlors, bakeries, repair shops, childcare facilities, and arts and craft sellers.

Nontraditional businesses such as: massage therapists, event planners, soap manufacturers and acupuncturists.

If you want to start and run your business out of your home? You can. If you're ready to move out ofrepparttar basement and into your own building? Microenterprise can help.

Where can you Find a Microenterprise Development Program in Your Community?

*Check out local nonprofit organizations such asrepparttar 145148 United Way, local community colleges or Small Business Development Center *Talk to a SCORE Counselor *Visit your local Chamber of Commerce *Contact your local women’s organization or other small business group *Visit http://www.microenterprisesuccess.com for free resources, information and helpful articles

So...start small, but dream big!

Cheryl Antier is the President and CEO of Dream Weaver Enterprises, a business and fundraising consultancy firm that helps small business owners and nonprofit organizations “weave their dreams into reality” by helping them find the funding they need. Microenterprise can help small business owners get the start-up capital, training and technical assistance to start, build and grow their business. http://www.microenterprisesuccess.com

5 Hot Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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3) Never Assume Anything

This goes from assuming a house is structurally sound to accepting that tax laws won’t change – from believing your tenants when they tell you that they are house proud and honest to acceptingrepparttar first builder’s quotation!

Do your due diligence on every single aspect ofrepparttar 145104 process from ensuringrepparttar 145105 asking price for a property is fair to checking your tax returns before your accountant submits them for you. This is your investment, your future, your potential profit and therefore it is ultimately your responsibility.

4) Employ An Expert When In Doubt

Few people are a master of all trades therefore be prepared to acknowledge areas where you are far from being an expert and at least consider courting a second opinion. Again, this goes from checking outrepparttar 145106 structural soundness of a property to understandingrepparttar 145107 legal ramifications of letting out your property. If in doubt always double check – and if this means you have to call in an expert, make sure you call in an expert!

5) Set A Realistic Budget And Stick To It

Whether you’re purchasing property to let out or buying real estate to renovate you need to sit down and add up every single area of projected expenditure to enable you to set a realistic budget with which to work.

Make sure you add in everything from having searches and surveys conducted, legal fees, accountancy fees, insurance costs, likely interest payments on any finance required, taxation, connection of utilities, marketing for tenants or buyers, real estate agency fees, and of course don’t forget to add onrepparttar 145108 cost ofrepparttar 145109 property andrepparttar 145110 price of any renovation and refurnishing and decorating work required.

Spend time considering every single area where a cost will be incurred and detail every likely payment that will have to be made and you will arm yourself with a bullet proof budget and do all you can to ensure you encounter no nasty surprises alongrepparttar 145111 way.

Rhiannon Williamson is an offshore investment, overseas living and international property expert and publisher of http://www.shelteroffshore.com/.

For investment property abroad news and property buying guides, visit www.ShelterOffshore.com

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