MicroWorld releases new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5 - the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

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MailScan 4.5 isrepparttar next step inrepparttar 139185 continuing process to provide added security to mail servers against virus attacks, SPAM and other forms of security threats to networks via e-mail.

Mr Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies, Inc. says "MicroWorld's MailScan 4.5 with its new features, is a step forward in strengthening our products to ensure that corporate gateways are well-protected from ever increasing and smart Internet intruders. Continuous development has made MailScan one ofrepparttar 139186 most popular mail gateway security products available inrepparttar 139187 markets today."

MicroWorld Technologies is one of the leading solution providers for Information Technology, Content Security and Communications Software.

Identity Theft: Count The Ways

Written by Daryl Campbell

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Unfortunately senior citizens face another threat known asrepparttar "sweetheart scam" in which a criminal offers to run errands or do chores aroundrepparttar 139068 house forrepparttar 139069 express purpose of taking control ofrepparttar 139070 victim's finances.

Taking control of someone's finances can also happen in a restaurant, department store or any legitimate place of business . When a clerk swipes your card twice without your knowledge then storesrepparttar 139071 information for later use this is know as skimming. Oftenrepparttar 139072 clerk will make a duplicate card with your info to go on a buying spree or sell it onrepparttar 139073 black market. The illegal selling of credit card information as you might have already guessed is big business.

Identity theft has forced many financial institutions to revamp their ATM's due to criminal rigging. A person usesrepparttar 139074 ATM but after putting inrepparttar 139075 pin#repparttar 139076 machine keepsrepparttar 139077 card. Usually whenrepparttar 139078 person goes to report it,repparttar 139079 thief strikes, taking card, pin # and most importantlyrepparttar 139080 victim's identity.

The methods of madness can include something simple like going thru your trash known as dumpster diving or an elaborate hoax similar torepparttar 139081 one reported byrepparttar 139082 Associated Press.

A family inrepparttar 139083 Pacific Northwest posed as tax preparers and used stolen identities to go on buying sprees across several states that included million dollar homes and luxury vehicles. According to authorities, sincerepparttar 139084 thieves stolerepparttar 139085 social security # of children as well as adults,repparttar 139086 damage won't be fully known until these young people start applying for credit later on.

Law Enforcement officials believerepparttar 139087 next step with this criminal outfit involved applying for health care positions. Hospitals and doctor offices provide a wealth of personal information. Perfect for Identity thieves

These methods along with old fashioned robbery show why identity theft according torepparttar 139088 Department of Justice maintains it's ranking asrepparttar 139089 number one and fastest growing crime inrepparttar 139090 US for 5 consecutive years. Unfortunately, it will maintain that status forrepparttar 139091 near future.

Daryl Campbell owns and operates http://winthemarket.com. He has written a 4 part report on Identity theft. Grab your free copy at http://digbig.com/4djxq. Learn more about this worldwide epidemic and how you can protect yourself. http://digbig.com/4djxq

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