Michael Jordan and Your Shorts

Written by Jim McLellan

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You and Michael have more in common than you think. You were both under extreme pressure. You both shot at your target and you both made it. Butrepparttar story only begins there.

What were you and Mr. Michael Jordan thinking about when you made these great shots? Position of your legs? Knee bend? Left Arm straight? Shoulder rotation? Hip rotation? Right elbow? Left Elbow? Pivot? The Ball? Your Shorts?

You were "seeing" your shorts fly throughrepparttar 149881 air and hitrepparttar 149882 hamper. Michael was "seeing"repparttar 149883 ball go directly intorepparttar 149884 middle ofrepparttar 149885 basket.

You both "trusted" your minds and bodies to come up with a plan (without you) that would be successful. Any thoughts aboutrepparttar 149886 mechanics of your shots would certainly result in failure.

Why then, do YOU think YOUR golf pros advice about allrepparttar 149887 things you NEED to think about in your swing is going to help? The more you THINK,repparttar 149888 worse you get.

The golf swing, throwing your shorts, and Michael's successful shooting are a result of communication betweenrepparttar 149889 motor skill part ofrepparttar 149890 brain (calledrepparttar 149891 cerebellum, if you didn't already know that) and your wonderful machinery called your body.

When you skip rocks onrepparttar 149892 lake what do you think about? The moment of release? Pivot? Knees?

Isn't it about time you realized what creates a good shot, a good basket, or a good skip? Learn from Michael andrepparttar 149893 Anti-Pro, or get caught with your shorts down around your ankles.

To learn more about Jim's simple approach to learning your best golf swing inrepparttar 149894 shortest period of time visit his site at www.mcgolf.com.

Introduced to golf in 1948 at age 8, With an incredible swing and a gifted ability to instruct at age 15, students came to him at his family owned golf course from four surrounding states for lessons. Jim attended Arizona State University at Tempe on a golf scholarship, graduated from the PGA Golf School in Long Beach California in 1960.

Climbing a mountain of ice in nine weeks

Written by Ashley Barnard

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Week 3-4: Start walking on steeper ground, look for shallow gullies where you will now be needingrepparttar use of one axe to keep you balanced, and to stop a fall. (For how to stop your self when sliding down a mountain I shall cover this in part two later on this year)

Week 5-6: go out with your more experienced climbing partner as now you will be needing to use a rope for safety. Look around your hills and mountains for steeper gullies around 45 degrees to 65 degrees and climb this in pitches (stages) stopping when ever you come across a safe place to rest or stand. You should by now also be using ice protection that you have been introduced to by your climbing partner. Unfortunately it is to complex and difficult to explain how to use ice screws, dead men and snow stakes in an article, so ask for assistance regarding placing ice protection form your friend or an instructor.

Week 7-9: you should by now have some confidence in moving on steep ground using both ice axes to progress. So now during these next three weeks you are going turn form a winter hill climber into an ice climber. Go out to where you know there was a stream or small water fall running inrepparttar 149691 summer, and with any luck it will be now cold enough so as to be frozen into a nice ice climb. Please note do not go out to some massive ice fall that you know of, and try to climb it. Not only will you probably not succeed but you runrepparttar 149692 risk of killing your self and possibly others by you lack of experience.

So did you enjoy your self? If not then this type of recreation is probably not for you, but if you did then this isrepparttar 149693 begging ofrepparttar 149694 rest of your life, there is a whole world out there for you to climb just climb safely but most of be free and enjoy your self.

My web site http://www.coldclimbs.co.uk covers many winter Ice Climbs inrepparttar 149695 UK and if you ever fancied getting out with an experienced ice climber then feel free to drop me an email through my site

Ashley Barnard makes it sounds easy to ice climb but the truth is it takes time and practice now in his fithteen year of ice climbing he is now writing articles on this subjct to give you an idea on how to make your winter exciting

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