Miami International Film Festival, SAG Awards, The Oscars! Highlight February Showbusiness and Media Events

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in Christ Cathedral in Los Angeles, February 10. Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, presents more than 30 short films fromrepparttar American reconstruction programme afterrepparttar 107936 Second World War, from February 10 to 20. A MusiCares Person ofrepparttar 107937 Year Tribute Dinner honors GRAMMY-nominated composer and pop legend Brian Wilson on February 11 atrepparttar 107938 Paladium in Hollywood. BAFTA: British Academy of Film & Television Arts Film Awards, is slated for February 12 in London. The 47th Annual Grammy Awards will be given inrepparttar 107939 Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 13. 57th Annual Writers Guild Awards will be simultaneously presented February 19 atrepparttar 107940 Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, and Pierre Hotel in New York. A World Airline Entertainment Association TV Market convention from February 21 to 22, will be given at Hilton Brighton Metropole in Brighton. The Multicultural Motion Picture Association Oscar Week Luncheon is slated for Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills on February 24. "Chicago Writing Sessions: Live Performences, Hot Songs, and Great Networking Opportunities!!" features BMI hip-hop consultant Kevin Shine and other artists in a February 26 session at Hinge Studios in Chicago. Ceremony for Spirit Awards, in Santa Monica, is on February 26. The Oscars! The 77th Academy Awards is set for February 27 atrepparttar 107941 Kodak Theatre, Hollywood.

Many of festivals and conventions listed have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Further information can be found onrepparttar 107942 "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at And also checkrepparttar 107943 listings we have of US and UK television shows seeking participants. Viewrepparttar 107944 selection at:

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Ten Steps to Fearless Public Speaking

Written by Graham Jones

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STEP FIVE Get some exercise. A walk, a swim, a session inrepparttar gym, it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you get some exercise inrepparttar 107935 couple of hours before your talk. That way you'll changerepparttar 107936 chemistry of your blood supply in your own favour. Exercise is essential in reducing nerves. Do not skimp on this.

STEP SIX Chew some mints or sweets. While waiting to go on stage, chew something. This will produce saliva which also helps reduce nerves. If you drink water your saliva production will go down and your nervousness will rise. Avoid water when presenting.

STEP SEVEN When you go up on stage, smile. No matter how false it feels to you,repparttar 107937 audience won't notice. Just smile. It helps produce hormones that lead to a more relaxed feeling.

STEP EIGHT Be active onrepparttar 107938 stage. Move around, use big gestures and get as much body movement as you can. The more you moverepparttar 107939 more relaxed you will feel.

STEP NINE Look people inrepparttar 107940 eye. Make as much eye contact as you can. The morerepparttar 107941 better. Eye contact is essential in helping you feel good and reducing your nerves.

STEP TEN Use feedback. Always gain feedback on your speeches. You'll soon discover you are a lot better than you think you are, which is bound to help boost your confidence.

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