Metrics Matter!

Written by Philippa Gamse

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Hot Content Areas

Your traffic reports listrepparttar most requested pages on your site, telling you what's hot and what's not about your content. If you're offering downloadable articles or special reports, you can see which of these are most popular.

Mitchell Gooze makes a point of doing this: "We track white paper downloads by person, and we know exactly who downloads which white papers. We store this information in their data records. We also know which topics are most interesting to visitors."

Knowingrepparttar 118800 hot content areas on your site can give you great ideas for future product and program development. Rita Risser ( developed a whole set of online checklists and policy guideline documents based aroundrepparttar 118801 subjects that her visitors were searching for.

Calls to Action

One of my favorite mantras is "Every Page of your Site Should Have a Strategy". You should absolutely know which segment of your target audience each page is aimed at, what's in it for them and what you want as a result. Provide clear (and clickable) calls to action at every point in your copy whererepparttar 118802 reader might be ready to makerepparttar 118803 next move - whether it's "Sign up for our newsletter", "Buy our product", or "Contact me to ask about our services".

Sometimes this means directingrepparttar 118804 visitor torepparttar 118805 next page that you'd like them to see. Dave Paradi told me:

"I realized that people were entering my site on one of two specific pages, which are a couple of my articles that now have great placement on Google. I also noticed that almost all of these visitors entered and exited on that page, not visiting any other pages.

"So how could I get them to seerepparttar 118806 rest ofrepparttar 118807 site - particularlyrepparttar 118808 products that I hoped they would buy? I included a link to my products page atrepparttar 118809 bottom of each article. And last month,repparttar 118810 products page jumped torepparttar 118811 second most visited page, and it appears that many visitors, based onrepparttar 118812 value ofrepparttar 118813 articles, are checking outrepparttar 118814 products."

And he's taking this a step further:

"It hasn't yet resulted in increased orders, but I thinkrepparttar 118815 next area I need to address is writing more successful copy forrepparttar 118816 products page."

Atrepparttar 118817 Risk of Repeating Myself . . .

I like to think of Web traffic analysis as "market research that cannot lie". The reports show you what visitors do on your site of their own accord, without prompting or other influence. Not to discount focus groups, surveys and asking your favorite clients for feedback - those are important tools as well, but not as powerful.

So, if you haven't clearly definedrepparttar 118818 strategies, target markets and outcomes for your site, and if you aren't looking at your metrics to evaluaterepparttar 118819 success of these, then you're shooting inrepparttar 118820 dark with your Web investment. The examples in this article show you just a few ofrepparttar 118821 many ways that you can use this information - I hope that you're now motivated to find out more about your own site.

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Philippa Gamse, CyberSpeaker, is a Web strategy consultant and professional speaker. Check out her free tipsheet for 23 ideas to promote your Website: Philippa can be reached at (831) 465-0317.

Can Web Copy Writers Learn From Direct Mail Techniques

Written by Steve Jackson

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we changed. Ok, we thinkrepparttar content was pretty good anyway butrepparttar 118799 first headline was poor and so readers just immediately left rather than read. 2) Scan proofing greatly improvesrepparttar 118800 chances of clickthough in your pages. By writing for a reader who scans rather than reads and makingrepparttar 118801 key words appear in bold so that (if feasible)repparttar 118802 bold words string together in a rough kind of sentence we found a similar increase in response torepparttar 118803 page. There was again over a 30% improvement by scan proofingrepparttar 118804 text. If you want to find out more about scan proofing readrepparttar 118805 e-book available from There is a section dedicated to it. 3) Active voice writing (referring torepparttar 118806 reader as you and your) dramatically improverepparttar 118807 rate of readership and conversion. When I say dramatically, it is pretty dramatic to see 4 times as many people respond to text which says exactlyrepparttar 118808 same thing but written in a different way. Again there is a whole chronicle dedicated to active voice copy writing so read it if you don't understand what I mean. Of course it depends onrepparttar 118809 service,repparttar 118810 kind of incentives,repparttar 118811 clarity of your content andrepparttar 118812 overall architecture torepparttar 118813 pages. We found all this by using a constant measure in conversion (the percentage of subscribers from visitors rather thanrepparttar 118814 number of subscribers/enquirers) and a constant control inrepparttar 118815 email address that was used to subscribe to. The implications of this are that if you can do this with your website you are in an informed enough position to make a descision on what to spend to drive more traffic to your website. If you getrepparttar 118816 conversion consistently right then there is no reason to expect thatrepparttar 118817 conversion rate percentage will change simply because more qualified traffic arrives. The key word here is qualified. Ifrepparttar 118818 visitor isn't interested he won't stick around so you still need to carefully plan how to getrepparttar 118819 traffic (the job of SEO experts). So if it costs you 'a' to drive 1000 visitors to your site and you know your average conversion rate is going to be 10% you know that 'b' = 100 of those visitors will on average be in your database. You then can dorepparttar 118820 maths and figure out whatrepparttar 118821 campaign is going to be worth to you. Simple when you think about it. In other words you have done whatrepparttar 118822 direct mailing marketer does, tested, experimented and then spentrepparttar 118823 money rather than blindly hope that more visitors equals more sales. Have you tried it on your website? If not why not?

Steve Jackson is a respected writer, editor of Conversion Chronicles and authour of the e-book Learn Before You Spend - 6 ways to measure web traffic. You can get a copy (worth $30) by subscribing to

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