Metrics Fraud

Written by Rob Emerick

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This may seem time consuming to some of you but I must insist that you considerrepparttar consequences. If you spend your clients ad dollars on websites that haverepparttar 125600 potential to over inflate their trafficking numbers then you haverepparttar 125601 potential to loose a client. Treat your client's money like your own money and learn where it is going and learn about what sites it will be spent upon.

I have run into roadblocks while seeking this information. Some networks see you as "just another customer" and if you being asking questions that they do not have a canned response for, they may begin to focus on easier customers. The key here is to be persistent. Explain torepparttar 125602 network that you are not going to makerepparttar 125603 network money without answers to your questions. Many networks nowadays, particularly DoubleClick, have so many clients that they may not perceive you as important - when compared to PepsiCo who is spending millions a month with them. You need to open your mouth and use your voice and do not hesitate to switch to another sales rep at that network. The people working atrepparttar 125604 networks work on commission and if you threaten to shrink their wallet, they suddenly become more attentive to your concerns and needs.

Be sure to write everything down and try to verifyrepparttar 125605 information that is given to you. Just because a website claims that they are audited by ABC Interactive does not necessarily mean that they genuinely are. Callrepparttar 125606 supposed auditing agency and verify their relationship withrepparttar 125607 website. Do some investigative work to ensurerepparttar 125608 facts are indeed facts and not fiction.

Just remember, it is a wild Internet right now and there is a great deal of money to be made or lost. Regardless of your capacity in purchasing online advertisements, it is your responsibility to spend that money in a wise manner. Scrutinize your ad buys and scrutinize whom you deal with. If a company is honest then they will have nothing to hide from you. If a company is dishonest then your simple investigative work should not only save your reputation bur ad dollars as well - and in this digital economy ROI is all that matters.

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Anti-Terrorism Business

Written by Paul Siegel

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The main focus of companies has been on servingrepparttar rich market. The reasoning has been: Rich people have money to spend, so let us dream up gadgets and services to sell them. They forget, however, that poor countries represent a vast untapped market.

Globalization has been touted as a boon to all. But in practice, Globalization has meantrepparttar 125599 ascendance of multi-national corporations, notrepparttar 125600 growth of many small companies in all countries.

So I think we should start building an

3 - ANTI-TERRORISM ECONOMY - The purpose of this economy should be to replace terrorism candidates with peace candidates, illiterates with doctorates, and starving nations with booming nations. This can be done by infusing our efforts toward Globalization with repparttar 125601 spirit of helpfulness:

> Globalization with a Local Face

Anti-Terrorism Business

An anti-terrorism business markets torepparttar 125602 world, not merely to rich countries. It does its marketing by followingrepparttar 125603 3 principles of Helpfulness Marketing:

1 - LEARNING - Help poor countries learn. They need to learn about agriculture, small business, and about AIDS. We talk a great deal about distance learning. Why not gorepparttar 125604 distance to poor countries?

2 - COOPERATION - Help them build their infrastructure, so they may userepparttar 125605 Internet. Leap frog their telephone systems to wireless technology. The poor need wireless for fundamental learning tasks, not for talking to their refrigerators, asrepparttar 125606 rich are planning to do.

3 - COMMUNITY - Makerepparttar 125607 poor part of your community. Form alliances and partnerships. Work together on common projects.

Anti-Terrorism Business Examples

Examples of anti-terrorism businesses do exist. Here are 3:

1 - NOVICA - - This company travels all overrepparttar 125608 world in search of local crafts: ceramics, jewelry, paintings, clothing, games, sculptures, music, dolls, basketry, lacquerware, etc. Beautiful items from developing countries are offered for sale. Novica makes a fair profit and so do poor artisans.

2 - RAINTREE - - Raintree works in partnership with indigenous Amazon tribes to develop sustainable resources to advance their income as well asrepparttar 125609 income of Raintree. According to Raintree,repparttar 125610 following statistics showrepparttar 125611 gain:

Raising Cattle $ 60/acre

Timber $ 240/acre

Sustainable Resources $2400/acre

The sustainable resources they work on are medicinal plants, from which Raintree obtains all sorts of pharmacological products. Raintree is stoppingrepparttar 125612 destruction of rainforests, increasing repparttar 125613 income of indigenous people, and making a good profit!

3 - WORLD E-INCLUSION - - Hewlett-Packard is investing a billion dollars to search for "local knowledge" and "creative genius" all overrepparttar 125614 poor areas ofrepparttar 125615 world. The company wants to helprepparttar 125616 developing countries develop. It says it will choose projects based onrepparttar 125617 needs of local people, develop them in partnership with local people, and offer sustainability and fair value. HP plans to do well by doing good.

It is instructive to quote Carly Fiorina, CEO of HP, with regard torepparttar 125618 World E-Inclusion program:

"HP has always believed that we can do well economically and do good socially atrepparttar 125619 same time. In other words, invent for repparttar 125620 common good. We believe World e-Inclusion is a great example.

As part of a long-term HP effort to find new revenues one, three, five and ten years downrepparttar 125621 line, World e-Inclusion targetsrepparttar 125622 4 billion people that are seldom, if ever, served by traditional information technology companies. By providing people withrepparttar 125623 social and economic opportunities ofrepparttar 125624 new information economy, World e-Inclusion is settingrepparttar 125625 stage for tremendous growth, both for HP and for developing countries."

Hooray for HP! It is a model forrepparttar 125626 rest of us.


Fight terrorism by reducingrepparttar 125627 number of poor people that fuel terrorism. Reduce resentment and despair by building an anti-terrorism economy consisting of anti-terrorism businesses like HP, that aim to userepparttar 125628 principles of Helpfulness Marketing - LEARNING, COOPERATION and COMMUNITY - to bring prosperity torepparttar 125629 poor as well as to themselves.

Paul -the soarING- Siegel is a provocative Internet speaker and author of HELPFULNESS MARKETNG, an ebook stressing learning, cooperation and community. Learn about it at Subscribe to newsletter, LearningFOUNT, by sending blank email to:

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