Metaphysics 101: the Basics - Preview

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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Scott's Metaphysics 101 course is superb in learning brief but concise definitions on metaphysical terminology; and clearly elaborates how these metaphysical resources can not only enlighten you but how to use them to enhance your life overall.

If you're seeking true enrichment and would really like to learn about metaphysics and how you can incorporate this somewhat esoteric field into your life, Metaphysics 101 is a good starting point! To learn more about Metaphysics 101 -repparttar Basics, or if you would like to get in contact with Scott, feel free to visit his website at Connect with Scott today!

2005 - Metaphysics 101:repparttar 122099 Basics - Preview by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer

C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer

Kundalini and 'Going where we're supposed to go'

Written by Robert Morgen

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After a few months of this I finally realized thatrepparttar best way to deal with all this was to *quit trying to deal with it and JUST ACCEPT IT*. Once I began relaxing into myself and wasn't fightingrepparttar 122098 changes as much, I began to really feel a deep connection torepparttar 122099 other energy around me. Cities like Denver drove me nuts, and a casual drive throughrepparttar 122100 mountains (my buddy Jeff called them 'medicine drives') would turn into an hours long meditation as I could feelrepparttar 122101 energy of allrepparttar 122102 trees andrepparttar 122103 world around me as I passed through. It was still a time of healing and I carried around a damaged feeling that was gradually lessening as I became more relaxed. Atrepparttar 122104 time I was living in an old RV and just traveling around. I went back to Albuquerque forrepparttar 122105 winter and, even though things were still hard, I was learning to feel better. Then one day in February I suddenly realized that I was still working against myself. I made a silent affirmation that I would quit working so hard at this, and that I was just going to relax, have fun and enjoy each moment and see where I was supposed to go next. A couple of days later I got a message from Jeff that Dr. Glenn Morris (whom I'd had a chance to finally meet at a metaphysical fairrepparttar 122106 previous October) wanted me to come up for a weekend and assist withrepparttar 122107 booth at another metaphysical fair. So back I came to Denver, and a weekend of volunteer work turned into a temporary partnership in a nonprofit and my helping with several of his kundalini awakening seminars. My training with Glenn opened up a vast world of new experiences and showed me that so many parts of my life actually made sense, and openedrepparttar 122108 way forrepparttar 122109 healing and growth that I so badly needed. Alongrepparttar 122110 way I remembered that every time I had a problem or needed some direction I could just relax and affirm to go wherever I was supposed to. The lesson for me was to have a little faith, and that having faith will work only if you commit to it and then let it happen. Even now I continue to affirm that I'll go wherever I'm supposed to go and do whatever it is that I'm supposed to do, and so far I've ALWAYS hadrepparttar 122111 guidance I needed within a couple of days. I hope this helps some of you who may be struggling with some aspects of this. This is obviously an ongoing process that's moving into it's second decade and probably will never be 'finished', but at least I'm learning to enjoyrepparttar 122112 ride and go where I'm supposed to.

--- Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who currently holds a Blackbelt in Hoshin Roshi Ryu and founded High Mountain Hoshin in Denver, Co. He's also the founder and moderator of the Kundalini Awakening Discussion Group at

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