Meta Tags Are Not A Magic Solution

Written by windsong

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It is not enough to have a list of keywords in your meta tags. These keywords must also appear inrepparttar title tag as well as inrepparttar 128368 text on your page. If you fail to do this, then your ranking withrepparttar 128369 search engines will be low, no matter how may keywords you have. It is most important that your keywords appear inrepparttar 128370 first paragraph on your page. They should also be inrepparttar 128371 title and headers. Some search engines also read 'alt tags'. Be sure to use relevant keywords there also.

Some ofrepparttar 128372 search engines don't like line breaks in meta tags. It is best to have your meta tags as one long line rather than having it wrap. I have been told that if your tags wrap,repparttar 128373 search engine only readsrepparttar 128374 first line.

You do not need a mile long string of keywords. The search engine will not read all of them. The standard is 1024 characters. The spaces between your keywords also count as a character. Don't use spaces. Use commas to separate your keywords. Select your keywords very carefully, and arrange them in order of importance.

There are no 'secrets' to search engine success. Meta tags are not a magic solution to getting listed. Using meta tags along with other methods, such as having a content rich site, will dramatically boost your ranking inrepparttar 128375 major search engines.

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How Compatible Is YOUR Site With Search Engines?

Written by Kalena Jordan

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Points for each question range from 0 to 3. Results are : Q1 a)1, b)3, c)2, d)0; Q2 a)1, b)2, c)3, d)0; Q3 a)1, b)2, c)3, d)0; Q4 a)3, b)1, c)2, d)0; Q5 a)2, b)3, c)1, d)0; Q6 a)0, b)2, c)1, d)3; Q7 a)3, b)2, c)1, d)0; Q8 a)0, b)1, c)2, d)3; Q9 a)1, b)2, c)3, d)0; Q10 a)1, b)2, c)3, d)0; Q11 a)0, b)2, c)3, d)1; Q12 a)1, b)2, c)3, d)0;

Add uprepparttar total points and scroll below to see how compatible your site is.

Score of 12 or less - Oh dear. There is virtually no chance of finding your site atrepparttar 128367 top ofrepparttar 128368 search results, because you haven’t made your site technically compatible with search engines at ALL. To give your relationship with search engines a chance, you need to make some changes, FAST! If you don’t know why your site is incompatible, or need step-by-step help to reverserepparttar 128369 damage, request a Search Engine Compatibility Report:

Score of 13-20 - Lack of attention to your search engine relationship has cost you traffic and your rankings are poor or non-existent. You have one or two ofrepparttar 128370 elements in place to make your site search engine compatible, but you really need ALL of them to improve your rankings and increaserepparttar 128371 number of visitors to your site. With 81% of Internet consumers relying on search engines to find web sites, it is vitally important that you keeprepparttar 128372 search engines interested in your site by ensuring it is compatible with their algorithms and indexed by their robots. If you need help to make your site more search engine compatible, request a Search Engine Compatibility Report:

Score of 21-29 - You are aware ofrepparttar 128373 importance of search engines and have tried to make your site at least partly compatible. You have probably achieved a few listings for your site onrepparttar 128374 major engines, but could be doing a lot better with a little extra effort. Spend a few days tweaking your site content to make it as attractive to engines as possible. Conduct a little keyword research to ensure you are targetingrepparttar 128375 right keywords and phrases. Consider hiring a SEO specialist to boost your rankings and get more customers to your site. The engines won’t pay attention to you if more compatible sites come along so do it NOW beforerepparttar 128376 honeymoon is over.

Score of 30-36 - Congratulations! You have taken many or all ofrepparttar 128377 steps required to achieve a high ranking onrepparttar 128378 search engines and are reapingrepparttar 128379 rewards in resulting site traffic. Your efforts to make your site search engine compatible are sure to keep them infatuated with your site for a long time. Keep it up!

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia & New Zealand and is well known and respected in her field. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

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