Messageboards, A Great Resource But Be Ready Before You Post

Written by Reba Collins

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∑ Read throughrepparttar threads that were started withinrepparttar 149539 last few weeks. If itís really busy board, you may not have to read that far back, just be sure you get a feel forrepparttar 149540 climate ofrepparttar 149541 board. Don't consider posting anything until you've at least done that.

∑ If you have a specific question, findrepparttar 149542 search feature and use it. More than likely you will findrepparttar 149543 answer to your question. If your question involves trends or a timely issue, consider what you found inrepparttar 149544 archives, learn from it, and then reframe your question so you get answers that are more current.

∑ NEVER, NEVER, NEVER advertise unlessrepparttar 149545 section ofrepparttar 149546 board you are posting in is specifically for advertising. Often there is a section reserved for advertising, look for that section and if it doesnít exist, then you cannot advertise on that board.

∑ Using a sig line with your name is normally okay, however, it's best to checkrepparttar 149547 rules and guidelines for posting before using one.

∑ Always remember, it's better to say nothing than to say something mean.

∑ And along those lines, if someone says something mean about you and you feel you must defend yourself, do not do so immediately. Write what you want to say in a text document on your own computer (not onrepparttar 149548 messageboard) and wait untilrepparttar 149549 next day to read it. Sugar is always better than vinegar. If you run a business, consider that your customers may happen acrossrepparttar 149550 messageboard and you wouldn't want your company name immortalized by something you said in a tiff. Actually, you might find it would be petty to even respond, berepparttar 149551 bigger person.

Now that you know there are rules and courtesies to consider, go out and find a messageboard that discusses a topic that interests you. Enjoy and learn fromrepparttar 149552 diversity youíll find there, just remember to play nicely.

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RSS, XML And Feed Readers? Huh? Help!

Written by Reba Collins

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How To Read RSS Feeds:

RSS: Feel The Need For Feeds? Video (you'll have to wait a second whilerepparttar video downloads):

And lastly, I want to tell you what I use to read my RSS Feeds.

First,repparttar 149538 desktop RSS Reader I use is called FeedReader. It's very similar to an email program and even makesrepparttar 149539 same tah-dah sound that Outlook Express makes for a new email when a feed is updated. The best thing's free, all you have to do is download and install it. Here'srepparttar 149540 link:

Second, I also like to use MyYahoo. To use MyYahoo, you just have to sign up for an account at, it's free. Most people already have one anyway. If you use Yahoo Mail or participate in Yahoo Groups, you already have an account. Just go to, be sure you're signed in and clickrepparttar 149541 MyYahoo button atrepparttar 149542 very top ofrepparttar 149543 page.

MyYahoo will let you customize your page and pulls onlyrepparttar 149544 information you want to read. To add an RSS Feed, click onrepparttar 149545 Add Content link, when you get torepparttar 149546 next page click onrepparttar 149547 'Add RSS by URL' link that's right next torepparttar 149548 'Find' button. Onrepparttar 149549 resulting page you can enterrepparttar 149550 RSS Feed URL. (Don't worry,repparttar 149551 video mentioned above will tell you how to getrepparttar 149552 feed URL, remember, there's a link above to CNET's video). It's that simple!

Lastly, there is one other RSS Reader that I've heard great things about, it's called FeedDemon. CNet has it as one of it's top rated readers and I've talked with a few friends that say they couldn't live without it. I guess, it's worth looking at, huh? Here'srepparttar 149553 link:

So, I hope now you're as curious as I was about RSS! Believe me, it'srepparttar 149554 way you'll be handling allrepparttar 149555 internet content you read on a regular basis, so go get started now and get a jump on your friends!

Reba Collins has been making a living online for the last 7 years. Visit her site at to find ideas, articles, & discussion on how to make a living online. Putting Up The For Sale Sign at .

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