Message Board Security Problems

Written by T Frady

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If you use a popular message board like phpbb you need to make sure you've always gotrepparttar latest version. The more popular a message board is,repparttar 144805 more hackers are likely to strike. Perhapsrepparttar 144806 familiarity isrepparttar 144807 problem or mayberepparttar 144808 hackers know they can get a lot of bites going after a widely used board. As of this writing,repparttar 144809 most current version of phpbb is 2.0.15. Asrepparttar 144810 phpbb guys are always security conscious they have added to this version a re-authentication to accessrepparttar 144811 administration panel.

Forums are a very important part of a website, but they can berepparttar 144812 downfall if your board script is not updated on a regular basis.

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PHP is 10 years old!

Written by Cale D. Hollingsworth

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Some Trivia... Duringrepparttar early years ofrepparttar 144634 Internet boom (1994-1996), my company HolliCom Internet Services hostedrepparttar 144635 main PHP mailing list and some ofrepparttar 144636 PHP website for Rasmus.

Rasmus was always extremely gracious with his support and I will always feel a debt of gratitude to him for enabling me to make a living all these years. 10 of them!

So, happy birthday to PHP! Here's to many more!

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