Message Board Basics 101

Written by Ron Kimball

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Conversely, unmoderated boards exist for advertising purposes. If you don't mind all of repparttar posting, this could berepparttar 119057 place for you.

What you'll find could be a place for you to test ads. But understand that you will probably not get too much attention. It seems that marketers who use these forums won't necessarily be reading your ad. They are there to post their ads. Here are just a scant few message or discussion boards that you can visit: click on "Forum" "Kiki's Cafe"

As a reminder: You may want to do some business with some ofrepparttar 119058 people on these boards someday so follow those guidelines. Don't forget that THEY might want to do business with you, too.

Usually,repparttar 119059 people who post on these forums are friendly and willing to lend a hand, in regard to sharing advice or information.

For example, if you are an ezine publisher and would like to find out how to sell or buy an ezine, go to your favorite board, postrepparttar 119060 question, and check in a couple times a day for a few days and see if there are any responses.

Don't be surprised when you log into your email box one day and find a response or two to a post you might have maderepparttar 119061 night before. It happens!

Message boards, discussion forums, whatever you choose to call them can be a great source of exposure for you and your business. They can also be valuable in building camaraderie and relationships. Not to mention, they are an excellent resource for obtaining up to date information, tips and insight.

Inject your own personality into your posts. Above all, go withrepparttar 119062 flow and just have a good time.

Ron Kimball is the editor of "LeaderZKorner," a weekly electronic publication that is geared towards home based business owners. For a FREE subscription, go to: ><

The Industry Standard Is Gone

Written by Rob Spiegel

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We felt like war correspondents, coveringrepparttar fire-hose gush of boom-time developments, watchingrepparttar 119056 business world re-imagine itself. Now ecommerce has been absorbed by traditional industry sectors. Now there are real war correspondents back at work covering more grimly serious events.

Ecommerce Business was one ofrepparttar 119057 first pubs to go. Cahners shut it down without notice or fanfare and scatteredrepparttar 119058 staff torepparttar 119059 wind. I landed at another Cahners trade, Electronic News, where I get to coverrepparttar 119060 continuing B2B saga at tech companies such as Intel, Cisco and E2opn. My former boss, Lester Craft, now heads uprepparttar 119061 last ofrepparttar 119062 pure e-business slicks, Line 56. After Ecommerce Business fell last January it was followed by Business 2.0, which continues in name only as Fortune's eCompany Now. And finallyrepparttar 119063 Standard is history.

Many are pleased to see Net economy crumble. The traditional players in finance and industry were disgusted byrepparttar 119064 excesses of hype and hyperbole. They scoffed when new-biz writers speculated thatrepparttar 119065 business cycle may come to an end due torepparttar 119066 endless productivity gains delivered by a globally connected world. The nay-sayers are certainly getting their day. The business cycle, as you may notice, is fully in place.

As I've written many times in this column, Internet business is still in fine shape. A Web-based storefront in a well-established center such as Yahoo! very well may berepparttar 119067 quickest and cheapest way to launch a small business today. Butrepparttar 119068 concept ofrepparttar 119069 Internet economy ushering in a new world has been dashed againstrepparttar 119070 brutal rocks of history. We live in a more serious time now, not so dizzy with dreams.

The passing ofrepparttar 119071 Standard's Website isrepparttar 119072 last tiny sigh of an era passed

Rob Spiegel is the author of Net Strategy (Dearborn) and the upcoming Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide to Internet Start-ups (St. Martin's Press). You can reach Rob at

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