Mercury - Planet of Communication

Written by Lynda Filer

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Diplomatic and charming, Libra rarely has any trouble finding friends to share their social time with. You make an excellent friend or companion, taking a genuine interest in others and offering a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when necessary.

Making decisions can almost berepparttar death of Libra at times though, as their innate need to weigh and balance allrepparttar 122442 pros and cons of a argument can be so frustrating and lengthy.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio is intense and secretive. This placement tends to make people skeptical and curious to get torepparttar 122443 bottom of things, to find outrepparttar 122444 real truth ofrepparttar 122445 matter.

Intuitive and often able to discernrepparttar 122446 weakness of others, you can be rather a scary person to come across let alone anger. You innate curiosity and ability to "read" other people makes you a natural investigator or detective. You are often entrusted with other peoples secrets, as they instinctively know that you can keep information to yourself.

Your manner can at times be rather abrupt, you have no time for fools. If you chose, your words can be used as weapons against others. If you feel it is not diplomatic to state what you truly feel you will remain silent, rather than compromise your integrity. However, often your silence is as frightening to others as if you had said what you thought.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius is out-going and lively. You are a natural story-teller and are not above "improving"repparttar 122447 truth if it increasesrepparttar 122448 dramatic effect. You have wide and varied interests and are likely to be fascinated with foreign cultures as well as philosophy and religion.

There can at times be a tendency to form opinions before allrepparttar 122449 facts are in and you are prone to saying exactly what is on your mind atrepparttar 122450 time, and damnrepparttar 122451 consequences. This is rarely if ever done in malice though, as Sagittarius' aim is to get atrepparttar 122452 truth - to explore and discover all that there is.

You enjoy study forrepparttar 122453 sake ofrepparttar 122454 knowledge it brings you andrepparttar 122455 only real difficulty you are likely to find here is that there is so much for you to learn and discover. You may feel you are spoiled for choice and find it hard to settle on one or two subjects at a time.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is reserved and rather cautious. You weigh your words before saying anything, aware ofrepparttar 122456 impact that they can make. You are not overly friendly with others not already within in your social circle.

You have an excellent memory and are extremely diligent when applying yourself to a task. Planning and organization are your forte and anything you undertake, you do well and meticulously. You can at times be quite resistant to change as you have an inbreed love of tradition and order. You probably feel that often change is effected simply forrepparttar 122457 sake of change.

Although you may not be as quick as others to pick up new skills, once attained, you hone them well. This placement can sometimes indicate someone who feelsrepparttar 122458 need to vindicate themselves inrepparttar 122459 eyes of others. There may be a tendency to feel that others do not fully appreciate your mental capabilities.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius is avant-garde and insightful. New ideas excite you and you are likely to get hunches and intuitive flashes at times. Innovative and daring you are likely to be considered eccentric and "out there".

Although you are witty and outgoing, you can at times come across as being a little impersonal. You have high ideals and are not a social snob, accepting people for what they are, not their status or title. You are a good judge of character and are adept at seeing through torepparttar 122460 core of a person.

Progressive and at times revolutionary, you can be rather unsettling for more conservative types to be around. You have a natural talent for writing and speech that you should exploit.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is intuitive and often artistic. You have a good imagination,repparttar 122461 only problem being that at times you may prefer to dabble in your daydreams than deal with day to day life.

This sign is often psychic in some ways and you tend to do best when you follow your hunches. Beauty and art are sure to move you profoundly in some way and if you have no flair yourself, you are likely to be a great admirer of others' talent.

Easily hurt, you can become moody and reclusive when you feel that someone has done you wrong. You are also trusting and a little naive at times, preferring to seerepparttar 122462 good in others even at your own expense at times. You need to watch that you are not taken in by every sob story you hear or by opportunistic con artist.

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Mars - Planet of Sex and Energy

Written by Lynda Filer

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Sexually speaking you may possess deep passions but are reluctant to allow these to show. You fear that you may lose control if you give in to your passions and this would leave you feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra can have a difficult time asserting itself as Libra is a sign that needs peace and harmony. You may tend to coast along in your employment asrepparttar driving ambitions of some ofrepparttar 122441 other signs in Mars is just not as powerful in Libra. However, you do become quite agitated and will fight for what you see as injustice. With your natural grace and charm you would make be suited to any position that requires a diplomatic approach.

Sexually you are seeking a relationship that gives you emotional security and satisfaction more than one based on physical chemistry. You are likely to select a partner that is able to motivate you and give yourepparttar 122442 loving push you sometimes need to help you keep from falling into a rut. You seek harmony and peace in all your relationships but most especially in your romantic ones.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is controlled, powerful and magnetic. You are self sufficient, determined and efficient. Mars in this position is extremely persuasive of others and is a take charge personality. You are able to inspire and lead others, positions in management are naturally suited to you.

Sexually you are extremely passionate and sensual. You may be possessive and jealous when you feel that your love is threatened but make an extremely loyal partner yourself. You never forget a slight; however, you never forget a kindness either. You have a personal magnetism that seems to draw others to you.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius is optimistic and energetic. You are patriotic and idealistic and more than willing to fight for any cause you see as being just. You may have a tendency to take on too many projects and scatter your energies however. You are at times undiplomatic but your enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping others usually ensures that others are indulgent of this trait in you. Physically you are often in excellent shape and are likely to be a natural athlete.

Romantically you don't like to be tied down and are most likely to avoid any intimate relationship that you find too confining. Mars in this position values its freedom very highly and you are likely to have lots of friends with your outgoing manner but can come across as being fickle in more romantic situations.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is ambitious and determined. Your work is important to you and you will work tirelessly to achieverepparttar 122443 position and status that you desire. You are a natural manager being able to focus on details and with a good sense of judgment. Your only real concern is that you may be reluctant to take a gamble on things at times and therefore miss out on opportunities.

Sexually you have a deep and warm passion underneath your conservative exterior. Only very few see just how passionate and earthy you are really capable of being. Capricorn is an unusual sign in that it is said that it does tend to age backwards. It is possible thatrepparttar 122444 older you getrepparttar 122445 more secure within your own skin you get and you are able to enjoy and revel in your senses more.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is intellectual and original. You do not work well in environments that are restrictive and narrow minded. You are an innovator and are always interested in improvingrepparttar 122446 lot of humanity as a whole. Although you consider yourself open-minded you can on occasions be rather dismissive of others whose views you consider to be not as enlightened and far-seeing as yours. With your original and sometimes "out there" approach you may be considered a little odd at times.

Sexually you are interested in anything that is unusual and you like to pushrepparttar 122447 boundaries at times. You resent being bound by convention and this extends to your romantic life as well. However, once you find a mate that you are contented with you are loyal and loving.

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is emotional and intuitive. You have no problem empathizing with others and are likely to be attracted to fields that allow you to help others less fortunate. You are likely to have trouble asserting yourself at times as you are likely to be rather sensitive and shy. You make a good behindrepparttar 122448 scenes planner, as this allows you to make good use of your abilities without having to be inrepparttar 122449 spotlight.

Pisces is not an overly sexual sign and is more likely to look for a close emotional involvement when seeking out a partner. You have a very idealized view of affairs ofrepparttar 122450 heart and may have a tendency to putrepparttar 122451 ones you love on a pedestal.

Pisces in this placement often indicates an artistic temperament and appreciation of all things beautiful. You are likely to be rather talented yourself.

Lynda Filer lives in sunny Brisbane, Austalia and is the owner and webmaster of Astrological Knowledge ( and Scullywag Design and Hosting (

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