Merciless Spouse: Terri's Saga

Written by Soulful-Writer

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Michael Schiavo's actions against Terri's blood relatives even in Terri's final moments only confirmrepparttar extent of this man's need for absolute control over Terri and all matters pertaining to her. Domestic abuse is about power and control, Michael Schiavo is a classic example ofrepparttar 132142 heartlessness and arrogance prevalent in abusers. Terri endured almost 14 days of excruciating pain and silent despair as her body withered away. Her stamina allowed her to survive againstrepparttar 132143 odds as if, in doing so, she was lettingrepparttar 132144 world know that her husband was lying and she did not want to die this way.

Don't let her death and suffering be in vain. Write to your Congressman and demand an investigation intorepparttar 132145 cause of her condition and her husband's actions throughout her ordeal. We must not allow another human being to be condemned to such a horrible death by anyone, not even a spouse orrepparttar 132146 courts, ever again!

Soulful-Writer is a freelance writer with a background in broadcast journalism. She focuses her writing on human interest and inspirational stories.


Written by Linda Reeves

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with dignity. To you men, stand up, be a respectable man and tells us what is wrong and can or can it not be fixed, don’t clam up on us, we as women need an explanation, some sort of reasoning for what happened to let go and move on. Women, crying will make you feel better, but doubtful that it will change how anyone feels atrepparttar moment and most of all do not call them constantly begging them to come back. As cliché’ as it sounds “If you love something, set it free, if it comes back it is yours forever”. Be honest about what went wrong and why you feelrepparttar 132139 need to break away. A great as it may seem, whatever mistakesrepparttar 132140 other person made with you cannot and will not be realized or corrected if they are unaware of their actions. Myself, I have a very strong personality and tend to be somewhat “bossy” and over bearing at times, and had I not been told that I would have continued to sabotage every relationship by trying to control everything about it. I now know that I have to share that control and allowrepparttar 132141 man to berepparttar 132142 man, we are sharing a life together and to survive in a relationship one has to let go of “I, my, me, mine” and look at things from a “us, we, our, both” perspective.

Onrepparttar 132143 flip side, things happen that are sometimes beyond one’s control that takes them away from you, again discussion isrepparttar 132144 key. In such case, any problems or feelings can be clarified and you can resolve any impending issues. Knowing that whatever occurred can be resolved amicably between both parties, andrepparttar 132145 willingness to forgive and work towards talking more and being more open tells you to “Hold Em”.

No amount of words will give yourepparttar 132146 insight to makerepparttar 132147 decision to “Hold Em” or “Fold Em”, that choice is made by knowing what you want out of life and your relationships. No one can answer those questions for you, it is up to you to look insiderepparttar 132148 box as well as outsiderepparttar 132149 box and choose whichever is best for you and your future. Never ever, walk away before giving a relationship a chance, regret isrepparttar 132150 worst of all emotions, resolve to live your life inrepparttar 132151 “I Have, I Did, I Will” mode and notrepparttar 132152 “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” , your life will be much richer and fulfilling inrepparttar 132153 end.

Dealrepparttar 132154 Cards…….Let them fall as they may.

Linda Reeves is a 47 year old advice columnist who writes for Cupids Blackbook. She Lives in the American midwest.

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