Mercerization Process Produces Quality Fabrics

Written by Brannon Smith

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Duringrepparttar knitting process some fuzzies will ultimately resurface. In Double Mercerizationrepparttar 133355 knitted fabric undergoes a second Mercerization process to remove these. The fabric is placed in a chemical bath using caustic soda to once again remove any additional fuzzies or slubs and is then washed clean. This makesrepparttar 133356 fabric even stronger and makes it look and feel even better. It has a luster and sheen that is unmatched. Double mercerized fabric feels so soft and smooth its look and feel can easily be mistaken for silk.

Brannon is an Affiliate Manager for Center Cube, Inc. Brannon discovered mercerization in a golf shop in Texas. For a quality mercerized golf polo shirt visit

Innovative Business Use of RSS as a Technology

Written by S. Housley

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3. Video - Video or streaming video are both possible viarepparttar enclosure field. Have lectures or even political debates come to life withrepparttar 133354 added video component.

4. Audio - Audio content does not mean that feeds are limited to your favorite songs. Podcasting isrepparttar 133355 coined term for audio content contained in a feed and can include language instruction, talk shows or editorials.

5. Images - Imagine realtors usingrepparttar 133356 enclosure field to display photos of homes to interested buyers. Now they can carry a light-weight catalog with them to show potential buyers at a moment's notice.

6. Downloads - Consider an information technology department in a large corporation conducting proprietary software updates, including executables or zip files inrepparttar 133357 enclosure field which allow users to updaterepparttar 133358 software at a convenient time.

Feedreaders are playing catch- up RSS news aggregators were initially designed to receive text-based content. As users find outside-the-box uses for RSS, developers of RSS readers are struggling to release new versions that supportrepparttar 133359 enclosures businesses are eager to use.

FeedDemon, a popular RSS reader, has recently added support for every type of enclosure in their latest release. They have created a safe list that can be customized to include specific types of file types like PDFs. This will automate downloads of files that are deemed "safe". This was clearly designed with security in mind, to prevent automatic downloading of executables.

Businesses are revolutionizing RSS as a communication medium. While some traditional businesses are struggling to include monthly newsletter summaries in an RSS feed and reaprepparttar 133360 benefits of RSS, other innovative businesses are adopting incredibly creative uses for both internal and external corporate communications.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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