Mentors Around Every Corner

Written by Josh Hinds

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On stroll throughrepparttar audio section of my library I found a copy of repparttar 101926 autobiography of Lance Armstrong, called "It's Not About The Bike - My Journey Back to Life". If you're not familiar with Lance's story let me tell you it's an incredible example of courage and a willingness to prevail overrepparttar 101927 odds. I simply can't do justice to what an impact listening to it had on me.

You see, Lance is a cyclist who atrepparttar 101928 peak of his career was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The story did not end there. Not by a long shot! Lance Armstrong went on to not only beat his battle with cancer, but to becomerepparttar 101929 3-time winner ofrepparttar 101930 Tour de France (1999- 2001). It's told from a very real stand point, he points out inrepparttar 101931 beginning that it's not your traditional rose colored story of overcomingrepparttar 101932 odds. It's a wonderful heartfelt example of courage and hope and willingness to keep going no matter what might come our way.

Such examples of courage, hope, and just about anything else you care to learn about are all around us, many of which are available in places such as your area library. Take an active role in your own personal growth and start taking advantage of such resources.

As follow-up torepparttar 101933 story of Lance Armstrong I've just started listening to "Still Me" an autobiography of Christopher Reeve. The simple fact is that mentors are all around us. They can come in many forms, fromrepparttar 101934 people we interact with, to recounted stories in books and tapes... Your in success, Josh Hinds

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Just Say “No”

Written by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

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“I have so much on my plate now I don’t know when I can get to it. But I do know someone over here who can help you now.”

“Before I take this on for you, let me show you a few things so that you might be able to do it yourself.”

“I have made so many commitments to others, it would be unfair to them and you if I took on anything more at this point.”

“If I can’t give you a ride torepparttar school dance on Friday, how else would you get there safely?”

“I don’t know how soon I can help you on this, but I will get back to you as soon as I am free to help you.”

“I’m sure we’re close enough that when I say “no” you’ll understand it’s for a good reason.”

“Sure I can help you with your request as long as we both agree and understand thatrepparttar 101925 item I agreed to do for you yesterday is going to have to wait.”

“Before I take this over from you, what do you think we ought to do about it?”

“I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, I sure can do that for you. The bad news is, I’m so overloaded with everything else, I’ve become delirious and have been lying about my commitments.”

“When I get overwhelmed like I am now, I remove every third person who asks me for something, from my “Good Friends List” andrepparttar 101926 second person just left.”


“Thanks for thinking to ask me, but, no thanks.”

“I would like to help you out on this but you understand I don’t haverepparttar 101927 resources available to dorepparttar 101928 right job for you.”

“Now that’srepparttar 101929 type of thing I would love to help you on if only I hadrepparttar 101930 time.”

“Just like you, I get overloaded sometimes and have to tell some very special people, “no”. This is one of those times.”

And as you speak, smile.

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