"Men in Tights......and garters"

Written by Wonderbra Girl

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I have little problem in seeing a man in a skirt. As a columnist for my school's paper pointed out, logistically, it makes more sense for men to wearrepparttar freer skirts, and letrepparttar 131101 woman wearrepparttar 131102 pants, so to speak. However, if we start wanting men in lingerie, we have to ask ourselves, what next? Tummy tucking pantyhose?

Perhaps this is because I've never had a relationship where I would was inrepparttar 131103 position of trying to make myself sexually appealing, or wantingrepparttar 131104 other person to oblige me. Still, maybe if I was, I could see it. I did find Kevin Costner hot as Robin Hood, in those cute little green leggings....

********************************* Wonderbra Girl is one ofrepparttar 131105 unique writers of SAonline. She isrepparttar 131106 faceless young female. If you would like to recieve more of her pieces, please subscribe! cultureshocker-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Wonderbra Girl is one of the unique writers of SAonline. She is the faceless young female. If you would like to recieve more of her pieces, please subscribe! cultureshocker-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Idiopathic Scoliosis : A Stress Reaction

Written by Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D.

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As sessions continue,repparttar scoliosis client begins to talk about being in touch with his/her anger, sadness and pain moment to moment; but does not stay with these feelings. Rather feelings of being unlovable, being afraid of hurt feelings, and being afraid of hurting others are spewed out.

The scoliosis client fantasizes experiencing fear of letting go by not having control "I will go into a temper tantrum, and I will break everything."

The scoliosis client wants to learn how to integrate doing for oneself with doing for others.

Our research onrepparttar 131099 development of these physical, mental and emotional characteristics reveals that scoliosis as a contraction, a collapse and a twist ofrepparttar 131100 muscles alongrepparttar 131101 spine isrepparttar 131102 representation of a sexual disturbance created by an imbalance betweenrepparttar 131103 pituitary sex hormones andrepparttar 131104 pituitary growth hormones.

While Dr. Alexander Lowen, M.D. gives primacy to this sexual and growth imbalance, Dr. John Bellis, M.D. does not overlook this imbalance, he just goes further to explore their need for rational expression.

Evidence of this is seen inrepparttar 131105 eagerness, receptiveness, and responsiveness torepparttar 131106 bioenergetic work around sexual issues andrepparttar 131107 need for rational expression. Whenrepparttar 131108 scoliosis client begins dealing with his/her sexuality, there is more acceptance, and more connection with being, with his/her true self, and his/her inner child.

To be sure, bioenergetic work dealing with sexuality comes afterrepparttar 131109 scoliosis client acquires an ability to support his/her expansive feelings. Many hours are devoted to, and focused on breathing (for feeling), and grounding (for support); with particular emphasis around negativity and hostility, non-acceptance of feelings, fragmenting, needing, controlling, suffering, pain and humiliation, as well as a need to perform.

The focus ofrepparttar 131110 bioenergetic work is on dealing with, and working through each issue as they surface. Asrepparttar 131111 basic trauma of insufficient nurturing and hostility from parents surfaces,repparttar 131112 schizoid issue ofrepparttar 131113 right to exist becomes evident.

It is around this time whenrepparttar 131114 bioenergetic work focus is extensively on sexual issues andrepparttar 131115 right to exist that a portion ofrepparttar 131116 scoliosis spine straightened.

A portion ofrepparttar 131117 spine straightened whenrepparttar 131118 therapeutic goal of accepting a relationship of mutual dependency, and facingrepparttar 131119 fear of needing andrepparttar 131120 fear of submission with its anger is achieved; when there is a willingness to face feelings and supportrepparttar 131121 right to have these feelings; when an acceptance and integration of feelings inrepparttar 131122 body with thought (a body-mind connection and integration) is achieved.

A portion ofrepparttar 131123 scoliosis client's spine straightened when there is acceptance and release ofrepparttar 131124 energy held inrepparttar 131125 muscles alongrepparttar 131126 spine. By supporting, grounding and breathing,repparttar 131127 scoliosis client works through feelings aroundrepparttar 131128 issues of existence, abandonment, self-expression, mutual dependency and love as an adult.

These results correlate well with Dr. John Bellis' position that idiopathic scoliosis isrepparttar 131129 body's expression of "an inability to back up one's feelings and to face those apparently responsible for those feelings."

Our research that idiopathic scoliosis as an energetic stress-related condition of "putting a lid on" points torepparttar 131130 following conclusions:

1. There is a relationship between genetics, psychosomatics and environment.

2. Interactive use ofrepparttar 131131 discipline of Bioenergetic Analysis (grounding and breathing with voice and movement, acceptance, and willingness to deal with issues as they come from held muscular structure that createdrepparttar 131132 lateral curvature and rotation ofrepparttar 131133 spine) works.

3. Acceptance and release ofrepparttar 131134 energy held inrepparttar 131135 muscular structure alongrepparttar 131136 spine evokesrepparttar 131137 old trauma of being that ofrepparttar 131138 inability to support oneself against intolerable conditions while growing up, twisting to please, winning approval and love.

4. As issues ofrepparttar 131139 right to exist, feelings of abandonment, lack of self-expression, mutual dependency and love are uncovered and resolved a portion ofrepparttar 131140 scoliosis clients' spine straighten.

5. And finally, even though there is compelling evidence as a result of our research,repparttar 131141 scientific community's verdict onrepparttar 131142 etiology and resolution of idiopathic scoliosis is not in -- yet.

Copyright 2000 Dr. Rae Baum, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before starting a new fitness regimen.

Dr. Rae Baum, Founder and President of The Baum Group, has a Ph.D. in Education and is a Bioenergetic Analyst in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. Dr. Rae conducts personal growth workshops and seminars, has served as a facilitator and coach for educators and counselors nationally and internationally and is the author of "Getting A Handle On Your Stress".

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