Men Should Avoid The Grand Manipulator

Written by Deborah Willis

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She playedrepparttar game well and knew just which buttons to push and when with this man. Eventually, after promising to marry him,repparttar 149696 poor bloke bought her a car and put it in her name. Bingo! She got what she had wanted all along and a mere ten days later she suddenly broke it off with him, leaving him baffled as to what he'd done wrong.

Actually, his only crime was believing in her and falling for her ploy. I really felt sorry forrepparttar 149697 poor guy because he didn't even see it coming.

There are methods a man can use to distinguishrepparttar 149698 "grand manipulator" fromrepparttar 149699 good girls who only want to be loved and nothing more. There are signs to look for and indications right fromrepparttar 149700 start of any dating relationship which will tell a man whether or not she'srepparttar 149701 "right" kind of girl.

If soon after meeting a lady she begins to tell you sob stories about her poor, pathetic life it could be an indication she may be looking toward you to rescue her in some way. It's a man's natural instinct to jump in and berepparttar 149702 "hero". But don't offer to help her too quickly because you may becomerepparttar 149703 unwary victim of another "grand manipulator" yourself.

Deborah Willis is the author of ATTRACT WOMEN -- The Average Man's Guide To Attracting, Dating, Loving, and Maintaining Relationships with Women. For more down-to-earth advice for men visit

Advantages of online greeting cards over paper cards - part II

Written by Ispas Marin

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So ifrepparttar person you are going to send a greeting card has an email account why couldn't you send him an online greeting card? One other advantage is that there are very easy to send. you just have to find a site that offers his service. And you will surely find allrepparttar 149618 information for sending them there. And don't worry about finding a site. Belive me there are thousands of them.

So be open minded an realize that this a perfect and easy way for sending greeting cards. You choose it and with some clicks and few key strokes you send them to whoever you want. And i don't like to repeat myself but this is an healthy way which spears our nature ofrepparttar 149619 damage fromrepparttar 149620 making process of traditional paper cards.

In conclusion it's good to try to send an online greeting card instead ofrepparttar 149621 paper ones from time to time. I can tell you that it helps us all. is a website with free digital greeting cards for military personnel, both active and retired and for the general public that love military. And, 99% of these cards are military in nature. You only need to register to be a member and the registration is also free.

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