Men, Are You Too Ugly? Too Short? Here's How To Turn Your Dating Flaws Into Strengths

Written by John Alexander

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3. "I'm too short" becomes "How can I height to my advantage?"

As you ponder your new, reframed questions in your mind, your brain will come up with answers to them.

For example, you might find that it's to your advantage to not be a "pretty boy." Women expect good-looking guys to talk to them, so when you're displayingrepparttar confidence to talk with them, their guards will be down.

They won't expect you to try to pick them up. That gives you a window of opportunity to display your confident, alpha male personality.

Being short can allow you to gain rapport much easier with girls than taller guys can. Tall guys have a psychological communication barrier a lot ofrepparttar 140805 time because they're literally speaking to a lot of girls (who tend on average to be shorter than guys) from a different level.

So remember, it's not your flaws that get in your way. It's your limiting beliefs that do.

Your ugly face doesn't get in your way of meeting women. Instead it's your belief about your face, which interferes with your inner sense of confidence. That lack of confidence isrepparttar 140806 thing that women pick up on.

For a woman to be attracted to a guy,repparttar 140807 man's confidence level is one ofrepparttar 140808 most important traits that he can have. You can become comfortable with yourself by turning your flaws from weaknesses into traits that set you apart fromrepparttar 140809 bland, ordinary guys.

So I want you to stop reading after this, get out a pen (or open a blank document in your word processor) and write out your negative beliefs. Then write positive, uplifting questions about how to turn those flaws into good things.

When you become happy and comfortable with all your traits, throughrepparttar 140810 technique of reframing, you'll become unstoppable with your self-confidence. Gain that kind of confidence, and you'll magnetically attract girls to you.

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Use The 'Boyfriending Technique' To Get Laid Fast

Written by John Alexander

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It's a behavior that's only done by people who are completely comfortable around each other. Certainly when you are in a relationship where you can brush sleep out of a woman's eye, you've long since passedrepparttar point whererepparttar 140804 two of you are comfortable having sex.

Catch my drift? You can use this as a psychological weapon to makerepparttar 140805 woman feel more comfortable around you.

In mid-conversation, tell her to hold still and close her eyes. Pretend there's sleep in her eye, and make her believe that you just brushed it off.

Later, afterrepparttar 140806 two of you finish eating and leaverepparttar 140807 restaurant, again tell her to hold still. With your finger, brush off an imaginary piece of food from her lower lip.

The net result ofrepparttar 140808 Boyfriending Technique is nuclear. First, it sub-communicates thatrepparttar 140809 two of you are very comfortable around each other.

Second, it involves you touching her face, bringing your heads closer together and progressing towards a make out session.

Third, inrepparttar 140810 case of you touching her lower lip, you're in fact touching an erogenous zone. That's right... a woman's lower lip has a high concentration of nerve endings. Stimulating her lower lip makes her body release sex hormones.

Makerepparttar 140811 Boyfriending Technique a part of your dating arsenal, and you'll find more success than ever before. You may just be having sex within several hours instead of having to wait several months.


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