Memorizing the Word of God

Written by Barbara White

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I would writerepparttar verses in little cards and carry them around with me, practicing them in odd moments, until I was word perfect.

Although I do not do this so intentionally now, I have to say thatrepparttar 147087 ongoing effect of doing that then, was far deeper than I had ever imagined. Even throughrepparttar 147088 storms of life, I feltrepparttar 147089 impact of God's word sown in my life taking root and producing fruit. There developed solidness in my faith that was noticed by others. The Holy Spirit on many occasions, sometimes many years after I had memorizedrepparttar 147090 verse, brought it to mind at a time when I really need it. Not only to help me, but to use it for others. I may not now rememberrepparttar 147091 exact chapter and verse number, orrepparttar 147092 verse word by word, but it never takes me long to rememberrepparttar 147093 sense of it and find it if there is a Bible close by. I may not have a Bible with me, butrepparttar 147094 Holy Spirit is able to bringrepparttar 147095 verse I learnt many years ago right torepparttar 147096 front of my mind, just when I need it.

As God's Word is one ofrepparttar 147097 few things that lasts for ever, I want to put as much of it in my life as I can whatever method I use. If you sow seeds of God's Word, you will spend your whole life time reaping it's positive fruit in your life. Memorization is still one ofrepparttar 147098 most effective ways of doing that and I highly recommend it.

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The Easiest Way to Overcome Vanity

Written by Eric Engel

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Why are we so valuable? Because God made us. That’s it. There’s nothing more. All that we’ve accomplished, our assets, and our actions mean absolutely nothing. In other words, our nice house, perfect hair, & stylish clothing are worthless. Our career and community stature are meaningless. Even our good and charitable works do nothing to make us better.

This almost answersrepparttar next question. ‘How do we improve ourselves?’ But it only almost answers it, because it doesn’t addressrepparttar 147067 fact that God not only created us, but continues to work through us. So even though we can’t improve ourselves at all, we can let God do it. Give Him control, and He’ll make us better, reject Him, and our value will drop.

So by knowing, and loving ourselves, and desiring to make ourselves better, we can forget aboutrepparttar 147068 worldly illusions of greatness. We can overcomerepparttar 147069 vanity that might keep God from acting through us.

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