Melt & Pour Glycerin Soapcrafting: What You Need to Know

Written by Lisa Maliga

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Essential oils derive their substance directly from nature. Lemon oil comes fromrepparttar expressed rinds ofrepparttar 116109 fruit, rose essential oil is fromrepparttar 116110 petals of this lovely flower, and sandalwood comes fromrepparttar 116111 wood ofrepparttar 116112 Indian, Indonesian or Australian-grown tree. Essential oils can be reasonably priced at only a few dollars per ounce [citrus scents], to more than $350 for Bulgarian rose otto fromrepparttar 116113 Valley ofrepparttar 116114 Roses or a Ďmereí $197 for some skin healing Immortelle fromrepparttar 116115 island of Corsica. To use such expensive oils in a bar of soap isnít necessary. Pure essential oils are best used in a lotion or cream Ė so they can be absorbed intorepparttar 116116 skin and not washed away.

Donít Add Fresh Fruit or Vegetables Tempting as it may be, refrain from adding that pureed avocado. Donít put in those dewy lavender or rose buds unless you want to see them turn brown before your eyes. A fresh slice of cucumber would look gorgeous suspended in a translucent bar of soap Ė until mold grows over it. Even if you sprinkle in Fruit Fresh or powdered benzoin, even if a book or online article instructs you to do so --- DONíT ADD FRESH FRUIT OR VEGETABLES. You can add dried herbs such as peppermint or rosemary, but expect them to turn brown within a few days or weeks. This is because glycerin soap contains up to 10% water. Water causes pretty dried lavender buds and green leaves to turn that color also.

Test, Test, Test No, you donít have to take a testónot even a quiz! You just have to be sure of what youíre doing inrepparttar 116117 kitchen or soap room. You have to be comfortable making your soap before you sell even a single bar. Donít have your first batch be a complicated multi-color embed project. Start with a simple soap shape and use one color and one scent. You have to be certain thatrepparttar 116118 colors wonít run or fade. Will your fragrances hold up for more than a month? Does your soap sweat? Will that lovely white vanilla or coconut soap remain that color or will it turn chocolate brown in a matter of weeks?

You arerepparttar 116119 first person to test your soaps. Then your family. Let a few friends, neighbors and coworkers in on your soaping hobby that may just turn into quiterepparttar 116120 business. Anticipate questions from testers/potential customers. Knowrepparttar 116121 answers. Do this for at least six months, but a year is even better. Remember, you need to be happy with your products, as youíre nowrepparttar 116122 soapcrafter.

The Business of Soap When you plan to sell your handcrafted glycerin soap creations this entails naming more than each type of soap you make; youíll become a business owner. For more information on this large and important aspect, check outrepparttar 116123 book ďHandmade for Profit!Ē by crafts industry expert Barbara Brabec.

Lisa Maliga is the owner of and has been handcrafting glycerin soap since 1998. Her company, Everything Shea Aromatic Creations, offers a fragrant selection of designer shea butter glycerin soaps, exclusive Whipped Shea Butter, & unique SoapCakes to personalize for gifts or promotions. Whipped Shea butter is custom made and preservative free!

Underwater digital cameras

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Scrutinizing in some more detail it can be said thatrepparttar underwater digital cameras mostly use a meniscus lens that can be used above or belowrepparttar 116108 surface of water. The also have features for built in color correction filter and macro lens along with built in flash diffusers too. They utilize multi flash functioning in order to get adequate good quality pictures inrepparttar 116109 most adverse conditions too. They have sufficient memory of around 15MB and come equipped with complete storage, editing and image manipulation software.

It still remains a fact that underwater photography is a difficult yet fascinating profession. Moreover, withrepparttar 116110 underwater digital cameras this task has become even easier and creative along with greater scopes to express much more throughrepparttar 116111 eyes ofrepparttar 116112 lens. It is hoped thatrepparttar 116113 new depths of underwater photography would be fathomed withrepparttar 116114 aid ofrepparttar 116115 underwater digital cameras!

Jakob Jelling is the founder of Visit his digital camera guide and learn how to take better pictures with your digicam.

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