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Tips for Women as They Adjust to Married Life

Written by Rachel Greenberg

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1. Take some time to enjoy being married. After all, you married this man for a reason. You should just bask inrepparttar glow of your happiness for a while.

2. Make a list ofrepparttar 122031 administrative tasks that need to be handled Ė likerepparttar 122032 name change, joint insurance policies, etc. and give yourself a flexible target date to complete them. This way you wonít feel rushed and overwhelmed,and you will most likely complete everything ahead of schedule.

3. Decide early on which household chores you want to do, and ask your husband which he would like to do. It may seem silly, but this will help you avoid an argument later about who should have taken outrepparttar 122033 trash.

4. Figure out both your schedules Ė what time you go to work, when you like to work out, when you like to eat dinner, etc. Itís important to know what your day looks like, so that you can maximize your quality time together.

5. Communicate, commit, and cooperate. Donít forget that you are a team now, and you must work together in order to keep your union strong and harmonious.

If you followrepparttar 122034 first and last steps inrepparttar 122035 list, everything in between will fall into place. Yes, itís tough to adjust to being a twosome when youíve been on your own for so long. And yes,repparttar 122036 minutiae of everyday life can sometimes bog you down. But if you can deal with it up front, organize it, and commit to working on it together, then you will succeed.

Rachel Greenberg has a background in business and finance, and she received her MBA from Duke University in 1999. She writes fun and informative pieces for her website which she created with her husband Lee. The website provides advice and recommendations for families on various products and services for their homes, lives, and businesses.

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