Mediterranean Diet: New Study shows Itís Great For Weight Loss And your Heart

Written by Karen Wild

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The Mediterranean diet, is lower in foods like pastas, cheese, red meats, milk and lard than a common European diet, which some believe account forrepparttar differences in longevity. But sticking to lower glycemic carbs likerepparttar 131197 beans and cereals also causes a lower insulin response which is linked torepparttar 131198 storage of fat in our bodies. Low carb advocates say thatrepparttar 131199 Mediterranean diet works even better when itís modified to lowerrepparttar 131200 carbs, believing it will speed uprepparttar 131201 fat loss while continuing to providerepparttar 131202 positive heart benefits.

So getrepparttar 131203 best of both worlds. Eat like Crete, with a low carb twist. And speed your way to quick weight loss and a long healthy life.

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Low Carb Breads Make Meal Time Easier

Written by Lee Dobbins

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And didnít you long to soak up those egg yolks at breakfast in a nice whole wheat bread. Well, thatís easy with Arnold Carb Counting bread. I favorrepparttar whole wheat which has only 6 grams of carbs per slice. You can buy this bread already made in most grocery stores which is much easier than baking from a mix Ė and you might even be able to use it duringrepparttar 131195 induction phase!

Now that low carb bread is readily available itís much easier to prepare meals. If you are busy like me, havingrepparttar 131196 time to bake bread is few and far between, but now I can just simply make a trip torepparttar 131197 grocery store and have my fill of sandwiches. You can even userepparttar 131198 bread to make some of those favorite dishes you may be missing like french toast, stuffing, croutons for salads and bread pudding.

Lee Dobbins is the owner and editor of Low Carb Resource where you can learn more about low carb eating and other low carb foods.

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