Meditation with background music?

Written by Werner Boersch

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During deeper meditation states you perceived being is not anymore in your body, your body presence will fade away and youíll feel your existence and your being only there - onrepparttar third eyes dimension. Donít scare about any strange sensations or feelings like some warm stream along you spinal column or shiver or else. You donít have to fear nothing, nothing can happen to you. You have full control of yourself even if you do not perceive your body anymore, you can wake up whenever you want, in every instant. You arerepparttar 122285 master of yourself. With more practice, youíll start to perceive different colours - choose one of them as your favoured one to concentrate onrepparttar 122286 next times. Let yourself slip into this colours till youíre one withrepparttar 122287 colour itself. That can you make happen with every image you like and get during your meditation; it can be a flower,repparttar 122288 sun,repparttar 122289 sea or water generally, it can be love, it can be friendship, it can be whatever you choose and focus on. In this way you can even program your meditation to concentrate to one purpose only to stronger your behaviour. Of course, you should choose only themes that are noble like altruism, love and so on. Donít choose themes that are not noble they can drive to bad experiences. In any case surrender yourself do never combat any impression or imagine you get during your meditation, be conscious that nothing can happen to you, you arerepparttar 122290 master of your meditation. By usingrepparttar 122291 holosync meditation music technique (see on allrepparttar 122292 process will be guided fromrepparttar 122293 music itself and it will be very easy for you to entry in deep meditation states. Userepparttar 122294 meditation music technique to ease and make deeper and faster your meditation and get real great results. With meditation you can grow yourself and model your character and your way of life. The power is inside yourself, use it to make more out of your life.

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How to Dowse or Water Witch

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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To find underground water with a pendulum, here's a quick lesson fromrepparttar American Society of Dowsers.

"The dowser usually seeks flowing underground veins suitable for drilling and pumping. The veins can be large and deep or small and shallow. You can discriminate by focusing on a need, real or imaginary . Ask mentally, either successively or all at once, for a 'vein of good drinking water, less than twenty feet in depth, which will flow uninterrupted atrepparttar 122284 rate of 5 gallons a minute or more.' Thus when you receive a reaction, you will know that it is not a pipe, a polluted vein or a source that might otherwise be too deep or seasonally unreliable forrepparttar 122285 purpose at hand. Whenrepparttar 122286 dowsing reaction takes place, markrepparttar 122287 spot and approach it fromrepparttar 122288 opposite direction. Ifrepparttar 122289 two points do not coincide,repparttar 122290 mid-point between them should berepparttar 122291 center ofrepparttar 122292 vein."

According to Polly, a left-to-right pendulum swing indicates a "no" while a back-and-forth swing (to and away from you) indicates a "yes." As with all magical techniques, practice makes perfect.

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (, helps clients learn magical and shamanic techniques. Her current project, a free teleconference series on a variety of magickal and shamanic topics with guest speakers, is designed to share information and promote interaction between people of varying spiritual practices.

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