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So when using meditation in due time you will haverepparttar ability to think a lot more clearly which includes having a body that will feel more refreshed. So remember when you meditate thatrepparttar 143998 time you take to do so is for you to relax and clear your mind.

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10 Steps to Improving Your Triathlon Swim

Written by Kevin Koskella

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7.Habit: Keep your arm from crossing over. One ofrepparttar most common bad habits I see in swimmers isrepparttar 143997 arm crossing over torepparttar 143998 opposite side onrepparttar 143999 pull. Breathing on your left side results in your right arm crossing over, breathing on your left side results in your right arm crossing. Often times this happens when one goes to breath, but sometimes it's caused just from over-rotating. To avoid this, make sure your head isn't moving withrepparttar 144000 rest of your body, and try to pull more in a straight line (still bendingrepparttar 144001 elbow) and endingrepparttar 144002 pull onrepparttar 144003 same side you started (i.e. right hand slices intorepparttar 144004 water, pulls back and hand ends up near right hip).

8.Keeprepparttar 144005 Feel. If swimming is your toughest sport, it is important to "keeprepparttar 144006 feel" forrepparttar 144007 water, and get inrepparttar 144008 water at least every other day (no, showers and baths don't count!) This way, your body maintains its kinesthetic awareness of being balanced in water.

9.Work Those Lungs. Mix in some hypoxic training sets into your workouts. For example, do a set of 4x100's breathing every 3-5-7-9 strokes by 25, with 15 seconds rest in between each 100. Your lungs will thank you for it towardsrepparttar 144009 end ofrepparttar 144010 swim part of your race!

10.Work Your Weakness. Inrepparttar 144011 sport of triathlon, most coaches agree that you should spendrepparttar 144012 most time working on your weakest ofrepparttar 144013 three sports. For many of you this will be swimming! Within swimming,repparttar 144014 same concept applies. Spendrepparttar 144015 most time working onrepparttar 144016 weakest part of your stroke. If balancing on your side is an issue, do some kicking drills on your side. If moving your head is a problem, focus on head position most ofrepparttar 144017 time. Whatever it is, you will gainrepparttar 144018 most by spending your pool time improving on that weakness.

Kevin coaches masters and triathlete swimmers in San Diego, CA. He operates the website, a resource for future or current triathletes looking to improve their swim. The site features a free email newsletter offering tips and articles on triathlon swimming. Kevin has also written an electronic book titled “The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming” which is sold on his website in downloadable form.

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