Meditation: A Beginner's Guide

Written by Christin Snyder

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Last but not least, isrepparttar misconception thatrepparttar 122313 mind must be void of all thoughts for meditation to be effective. The key in meditation is not necessarily to “empty”repparttar 122314 mind, but to gain control ofrepparttar 122315 mind, to know and understand where it travels and why. The main goal of meditation is to “know thyself” and by learningrepparttar 122316 hidden motivations and reasons behind our seemingly random thoughts we begin to do just that. The process aids in removing random mind chatter, and streamliningrepparttar 122317 thought process.

If you are paying attention, you will notice that as you read this, your mind has likely churned up several thoughts that have popped up as you have gone along. If you haven't noticed this, you are not alone. Many never really pay attention to just how much “noise”repparttar 122318 mind makes. The simple act of paying attention and noticing is a first stage of a positive meditative practice. Through dedication we learn to sift throughrepparttar 122319 noise and retrieve what is necessary and beneficial to us on our path. We are better able to slowrepparttar 122320 mind down, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety.

Meditation is a practice that costs little to nothing and can benefit anyone willing to put some time and effort into it. It requires no special talents , merelyrepparttar 122321 desire to grow and learn. For those seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding life experience, meditation offers a simple but powerful method to pursue personal and spiritual growth. Throughoutrepparttar 122322 rest of this series I will share answers to common questions, explorerepparttar 122323 many benefits, and detail some different meditation techniques that can be modified to each persons unique preferences.

Christin Snyder is a motivational writer/speaker and holistic health practitioner. Visit her website for more personal empowerment resources.

Cleansing & Balancing the Charkas

Written by Christin Snyder

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As you breathe in say in your mind “I allowrepparttar light to heal, cleanse and balance““. Onrepparttar 122312 exhale say “I release all that is not for my highest good““. Relax and allowrepparttar 122313 light to move down torepparttar 122314 third eye (betweenrepparttar 122315 eyebrows) when it is ready, then repeatrepparttar 122316 breath and mantra on bothrepparttar 122317 inhale andrepparttar 122318 exhale.

Continue this process slowly and let it flow naturally allrepparttar 122319 way down your chakra system until it reachesrepparttar 122320 soles ofrepparttar 122321 feet. When it has reachedrepparttar 122322 soles ofrepparttar 122323 feet, envision a ball of energy from inrepparttar 122324 Earth rising up slowly intorepparttar 122325 soles of your feet. Allow this energy to carry away any residual energies that need to be cleansed and take them back intorepparttar 122326 Earth for reprocessing/healing.

As you continue to relax say a prayer of gratitude. Take a few moments to sincerely reflect on all of your life’s blessings and to show appreciation to Spirit for allrepparttar 122327 abundance that is housed within you. The important thing to remember is that you are a channel allowing these powerful energies to flow through you. You don't have to have any special talent or abilities to benefit from this healing as “you” are not doing it, but allowing Spirit/God to do this through you. It is an exercise of “allowing”

Another variation others enjoy, is to do this meditation while inrepparttar 122328 shower. As you feelrepparttar 122329 water washing over you, you can envision your energy field also being cleansed and balanced. The water as it goes downrepparttar 122330 drain, carries away all negativity and extra energy.

For grounding and healing also participate in activities that put you in direct contact withrepparttar 122331 Earth, walk barefoot inrepparttar 122332 grass, sit with your back against a tree, plant a garden, (this is healing to your Earth mother as well) anything that puts you in contact with nature is deeply rejuvenating and healing.

Christin Snyder is a personal empowerment advocate and holistic health practitioner who promotes whole being wellness. Visit her for personal development resources at

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