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The battering ram, for example, has been used throughrepparttar ages and still is employed by modern law enforcement.

This version of medieval siege weaponry involvedrepparttar 144364 creation of a very heavy weight placed on wheels used to help batter fortifications. It was usually made of a large tree trunk, and sometimes rather than wheels, a group of warriors or a sling frame helped providerepparttar 144365 force necessary to crack fortifications using this simple, yet effective, example of medieval siege weaponry.

Other items inrepparttar 144366 medieval siege weaponry arsenal included ladders and not-so-simple siege towers. Ladders were employed simply to scale castle walls. Ifrepparttar 144367 defenses stopped this measure, siege towers might be built to allow archers clear lines of attack to enemies standing on castle walls.

As far as medieval siege weaponry is concerned, siege towers were somewhat difficult due to their cumbersome nature. Towers were rectangular and often constructed on four wheels. They were as tall asrepparttar 144368 castle walls or taller and were designed to protect archers, warriors and ladders as an army advanced. The downfall of siege towers inrepparttar 144369 long line of medieval siege weaponry, however, was their size andrepparttar 144370 propensity ofrepparttar 144371 defending army to hurl projectiles at them.

The examples of medieval siege weaponry vary greatly, but whatever their design they all had one purpose – to deliver an army to victory.

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How Public Schools Assault Parents' Values

Written by Joel Turtel

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Values clarification classes deliberately teach children to be nonjudgmental about moral values. Values-clarification debates often turn into "bull" sessions where each student gives their opinion about a moral issue but conclusions are never reached. In these classes,repparttar teacher-facilitator often acts like a talk-show host who getsrepparttar 144044 students to debate such topics asrepparttar 144045 merits or bad consequences of stealing, lying, pre-marital sex, or taking drugs.

In sex-education classes, sexual behavior is often described in purely mechanical terms and sexual choices are presented as morally neutral options or simply personal preferences each student has to decide for themselves. Similarly, in many drug-education programsrepparttar 144046 same non-judgemental attitude often prevails -- students are encouraged to talk aboutrepparttar 144047 good and bad consequences of taking drugs without reaching a clear moral conclusion.

Many public schools teach children that only self gratification and their feelings ofrepparttar 144048 moment matter, that there are no moral absolutes. Admittedly, some parents are to blame for not teaching their children good ethical values, but values clarification programs are an assault onrepparttar 144049 time-tested values most parents teach their children.

Since ancient times, all societies have known that certain acts are inherently wrong and immoral. This knowledge became embedded in a cultural or religious moral code, which recognized that human beings must respect each other’s person and property. Judaism and Christianity, for example, teach that lying, stealing, or murdering another human being is wrong, not only because they’re prohibited byrepparttar 144050 Ten Commandments, but because they are inherently unjust to other human beings.

With rare exceptions, such as killing in self-defense,repparttar 144051 morality of these basic values seldom depends onrepparttar 144052 situation orrepparttar 144053 individual. All of us are born withrepparttar 144054 same rights to life, liberty, and property. Respect for each other's rights and person simply reflects this fact of life.

Because values clarification programs teach children that all values are subjective, they destroy real values and corrupt children atrepparttar 144055 deepest level. If all values are subjective, there is no moral difference between mercy and murder, honesty and theft, sexual consent and rape, loyalty and treachery, or fidelity and adultery.

In a world where anything goes, children are turned into amoral creatures who will do anything to satisfy their momentary desires. Yet these arerepparttar 144056 insidious moral anti-values that public schools now promote with values-clarification classes.

Joel Turtel is an education policy analyst. He is also the author of "The Welfare State: No Mercy For The Middle Class." Contact Information: Website:, Email:, Phone: 718-447-7348, Article Copyrighted © 2005 by Joel Turtel.

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