Medical Collection. How Organized is your office?

Written by Mike Nielsen

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Another suggestion I have is that you use specialized computer software to keep your medical collection intact. There are several software options out there that you can use many will be able to suit your needs. I will be talking about medical collection software from AdvancedMD.

AdvancedMD provides a complete software solution for your medical office. It is available online and is automatically backed up. You can access your medical information from virtually anywhere. With their medical collection software you can:

• Automate worklists, right inrepparttar system • Collect more dollars with less work • Create easy follow-up tasks and reminders • Create productivity reports to help managers supervise and train staff

When a collector signs in to AdvancedMD's collection software, they can see immediately what patients have been assigned to them, which ones should be contacted first and allows them to contactrepparttar 119444 patient by phone or by automated letters. All actions are then recorded inrepparttar 119445 "actions" tab with recommended follow-up dates.

There are also many other software solutions out there that can help you with your medical collection and office management. I have provided a few suggestions on how to make your office more organized and more efficient. I know, inrepparttar 119446 world of business, that companies that are organized run more efficiently and more smoothly, which leads to higher revenues and more satisfied customers. To you,repparttar 119447 reader, I say, if you work in a medical office or know someone who works in a medical office, I invite you to take advantage and share this information so that we all may benefit with either a more organized, profit maximizing office, or a shorter wait inrepparttar 119448 doctor's office next time we go in for our appointment.

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How Puppy Training Can Help Your Business

Written by Chuck Yorke

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Proper clean-up is critical to proper housetraining. A puppy will return to where he has eliminated before if it is not properly cleaned. Your workplace also needs to be properly maintained. Sort through your materials and remove what isnít needed. Materials that are necessary should be properly stored, so everyone knows where everything goes. Clean equipment, tools andrepparttar workplace. This is a foundation for both safety and equipment maintenance.

Prevention and positive encouragement arerepparttar 119443 best ways to teach your puppy. Once an employee identifies a solution to a problem, put a procedure or fixture in place to preventrepparttar 119444 problem from reoccurring. Respond to your peopleís ideas. Use praise, show respect, thank them and treat themrepparttar 119445 way you would like to be treated. See how their ideas can or cannot be implemented and provide positive feedback.

Punishment wonít help. Screaming or hitting will only create fear, confusing and training your puppy to soil when you are not around. Enough said.

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Chuck Yorke is an organizational development and performance improvement specialist, trainer, consultant and speaker. He is co-author of ďAll You Gotta Do Is Ask,Ē a book which explains how to promote large numbers of ideas from employees. Chuck may be reached at

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