Medas Islands and their amazing marine life

Written by Jakob Jelling

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One ofrepparttar main Medas Islands' diving spots which divers who enjoy cave dicing should not miss isrepparttar 139341 Dolphin Cave. The Dolphin Cave or cavern is a very broad passage which could be described as a tunnel due torepparttar 139342 fact that has two entrances and divers can go from one point torepparttar 139343 other by diving it. It does not take a high amount of diving expertise to be able to go through this cave due torepparttar 139344 fact that it is of a big size and does not offer any important obstacle.

According to some studies that have been done in this Mediterranean area, this spot's underwater currents, winds and rich waters are very favorable for marine life development. This way, this spot contains a much broader marine life than others ofrepparttar 139345 region and is full of many marine creatures of different types.

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Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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Motion Control - The motion control category is for runners who really need support in a running shoe. Extreme pronators and overpronators can take advantage of a Motion control shoe, as well as a runner with weak ankles and other foot problems that would benefit from a shoe with a lot of stability.

Of course with only three categories like I mentioned above, there is a lot of room for variation. This is only meant to be used as a quick guide for things to look for in running shoes. I would recommend visiting a running store and having an employee look at your feet to give you a good idea of what category your feet fit in. If you have serious foot complications like extreme pronation, fallen arches, etc I would recommend visiting a foot doctor, as running shoes by themselves might not be enough. You could require orthotics, or even just simple strengthening exercises to get and keep you on your feet.


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