Me and Mao Tse-Tung!

Written by Khalid Osman

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So, whenrepparttar headmaster heardrepparttar 142225 music, saw who was dancing there and fixed his eyes on Mao Tse-Tung on my chest, he got crazy enough to pull Mao until my T-Shirt came into pieces on his fat hand.

I was not afraid at all although he gathered allrepparttar 142226 school next morning to lecturerepparttar 142227 students about that event and to punch us. He slashed everyone of us very hard 30 times in front of allrepparttar 142228 students.

It was happened inrepparttar 142229 second turn of what they call democracy in Sudan!

So, for this reason and other logical political points I say: Sudan knows no democracy since what's so called independence!

We've got up to this moment right there two political categories consist of: 1- The Military Dictatorship! and 2- The Civil Dictatorship!

And sincerepparttar 142230 Civil Dictatorship built up its mechanical majority dependent onrepparttar 142231 climate of illiteracy, it still influencesrepparttar 142232 very simple and traditionally Muslim Sudanese people by an alleged Islamic emotions.

So it gaverepparttar 142233 army its "climax" three times to bring those militant adventuerers to power. The army took over power not to correct this situation but to be more and aggressively fundamentalist.

Nowadaysrepparttar 142234 third military dictatorial regime playsrepparttar 142235 political game very wise, by importingrepparttar 142236 same Islamic emotions and using it againstrepparttar 142237 innocent Sudanese people, its neighbors andrepparttar 142238 World.

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How Bill Cosby Got iy Wrong

Written by Tamika Johnson

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Cosby failed to mentionrepparttar sorry state of secondary education in many ofrepparttar 142066 poor neighborhoods in this country and how that impactsrepparttar 142067 lives ofrepparttar 142068 poor and black in this country. Our tax based system for supporting public schools leave many in poor areas with inadequate buildings, teachers, textbooks, and curriculum. Can someone explain to me how kids get to high school withoutrepparttar 142069 ability to read or do simple math? That isnít simply their fault, or their parents fault butrepparttar 142070 fault of a system that will simply pass kids along and believe them incapable of learning and not really caring whether they learn anything or not.

How about a high school system that offers classes that are useless for entrance into college? Or where kids graduate and havenít taken a single algebra class? High school is supposed to prepare you for college, regardless of whetherrepparttar 142071 teachers or administrators believerepparttar 142072 students are capable of a college education. You can be a very responsible person but if you were never givenrepparttar 142073 proper building blocks for success then that responsibility will get you nowhere.

America and apparently Bill Cosby has a short memory. And while blamingrepparttar 142074 white man is pointless, and waiting for racism to end is pointless, personal responsibility alone isn'trepparttar 142075 answer. You can take allrepparttar 142076 personal responsibility you want but if you're born black and poor in this country, then you have a lot of odds stacked against you and more then likely will succumb to that environment. Poverty alone is a hard cycle to break, add being black andrepparttar 142077 weight of a history that has routinely stripped you of your identity and self worth and you've got what can seem like, and for many people are, insurmountable odds. Forty years and a ranting, wealthy black man isn't going to change that.

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