Me - A Gold Medalist In Life?

Written by David Stoddard

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Before we go too far "out of our way" to meet these needs, we need to see how each affects us. Do we drive our mother-in-law around to go shopping every time she wants us to? Do we continue to do "extra" things for our boss just because we are good and "can" do it?

Like so much, it all depends. Butrepparttar criteria of deciding should be based onrepparttar 123958 overall importance we place on them. Should you dorepparttar 123959 extra things, yes - at times. Should you drive mom around from time to time - sure. Should you do it allrepparttar 123960 time? Only if that is what YOU feel is most important to YOU.

Life is a sport we all take part in. It is not for spectators. It is a game we all get to judge for ourselves. It is, inrepparttar 123961 end, an individual sport made up of millions of individual events. It is also a team sport where by assisting others, we all can win. It is great to help others to go for their own gold, but never to sacrifice our own.

There are plenty of gold medals to go around. So get up there, stand onrepparttar 123962 podium and accept yours

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Magic Happens

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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3. The statement is supported by creatingrepparttar context for Magic to happen consistently, as I illustrated above. They don't just say that Magic happens, Disney actively creates magic. So how can we share this vision, not only inrepparttar 123957 arena of amusement parks, resorts, cruises, and other entertainment venues? We can actively create a space for magic to happen in our lives. We can support our context withrepparttar 123958 firm heartspaced belief that magic is already happening all around us. Taking action towards magic continually makes more magic. Sure, you could choose to have a "Something Negative Always Happens" mindset. Wouldn't you rather have a "Magic Happens, and I amrepparttar 123959 Personification ofrepparttar 123960 Magic Wand" mindset? Try it out. Magic happens. Passion Activator: Where in your life would you most like to apply some magic today? Take a moment to decide whatrepparttar 123961 context will be, what first step you can take to createrepparttar 123962 space, and what beliefs you will need to shift to support you in your magic creation? You WILL experience significant change when you commit to this process and create your own magic! Activate your passion!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. To subscribe to her newest ezine, Daily Passion Activator, the Little Ezine with the Powerful impact send a blank email or via web: to subscribe today.

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