Mazda Company Beginnings

Written by Mazda Fan

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As word spread aboutrepparttar Mazda models,repparttar 140917 orders swarmed into Japan. By late 1980, it was reported that 20 million vehicles were being produced.

A major milestone for Mazda was its 75th Anniversary, which also marked twenty-five years of business inrepparttar 140918 United States. In 1995repparttar 140919 Mazda company celebrated this tremendous achievement and looked forward to many more years of successful production.

The next event that proved Mazda was fast becoming a leader inrepparttar 140920 car industry came in 1997. At this time, forrepparttar 140921 sixth year in a row,repparttar 140922 Mazda Miata won an “All Stars” rating from Automobile magazine. Capitalizing on this, soon after Mazda came out withrepparttar 140923 Mazda 6 andrepparttar 140924 striking RX 8.

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Lemon Laws Don’t Protect Used Car Buyers

Written by Charles Essmeier

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will require used car dealers to have their cars inspected by certified mechanics prior to their being offered for sale. This will help, in time, but what can a potential buyer do now?

  • Ask to have a certified mechanic examinerepparttar car before purchase. Any reasonable dealer should allow you to takerepparttar 140916 car to a mechanic; if not, you should probably shop elsewhere.

  • Get a list ofrepparttar 140917 car’s known problems in writing prior to purchase. Inquire as to whether you have any recourse should something go wrong afterrepparttar 140918 sale.

  • Askrepparttar 140919 salesperson ifrepparttar 140920 car has any sort of warranty, and if so, get it in writing. If they tell yourepparttar 140921 car is sold “as is”, ask them to define those terms exactly.

  • Contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if they have had any complaints about that particular dealer.

  • If possible, purchase a used car from a dealership that offers certified used cars with a written warranty.

  • Buying a used car is more problematic than buying a new one. After all, a used car is one that someone else didn’t want anymore. Buyers who are considering a purchase of a used car should be aware that their protection underrepparttar 140922 laws of most states is quite limited. Asking a few questions and doing some investigation prior to makingrepparttar 140923 purchase may save buyers thousands of dollars downrepparttar 140924 road.

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