Mazdaís Miata Starts Off Empire

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The idea was to keeprepparttar design simple and clean-looking. The very early models did come enhanced with air conditioning and a good sound system. All in all, it was a durable sports car equipped withrepparttar 141990 necessities.

The carís light weight was a huge advantage when consideringrepparttar 141991 engine options. Just over 2,000 pounds,repparttar 141992 Mazda Miata did not need a big engine to producerepparttar 141993 speed and excitement of a large sports car. At first,repparttar 141994 Miata included a 1.6 liter, 116 horsepower engine and it revved from 0 to 60 mph in less than nine seconds. Obviously, by todayís standards this doesnít seem all that incredible, but atrepparttar 141995 time it was a notable achievement that guaranteed a good time.

Indeed,repparttar 141996 popularity ofrepparttar 141997 Mazda Miata extends acrossrepparttar 141998 globe. This is evidenced by an increasing number of Mazda Miata clubs in places like Sweden, England, and New Zealand. Come see what allrepparttar 141999 fuss is about for yourself.

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In the Beginning: Mercury Automobiles

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While these changes were being implemented, Mercury continued producing its stock car version. By 1964repparttar race version was equipped with a 410 horsepower engine. No doubt,repparttar 141888 Marauder was a heavy-duty car. Approximately 4,500 pounds, this Mercury promised a comfortable and solid ride. The secure feeling of this Mercury proved to be one of its most attractive features.

Many considerrepparttar 141889 two-door hardtoprepparttar 141890 most appealing design of allrepparttar 141891 Mercury Marauders. With a rear overhang,repparttar 141892 trunk space is unmatched. Andrepparttar 141893 rear tailfins, three taillights and a streamlined bumper made for a great presentation.

The interior was built for comfort and accessibility. The front panel was simple with live gauges. Seats were available in either bucket or bench style. The doors onrepparttar 141894 two-door version were equipped with vents, strong handles and spacious armrests.

Mercury continues to build classics today. Donít let their next creation pass you by.

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