Mazatlan Frank Tour Guide

Written by Yvon Marier

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With our tummies happily satisfied, we left Copala and continued on torepparttar city tour with Frank. We were treated torepparttar 139261 best sightseeing and shopping locations. That was a trip in itself. Throughoutrepparttar 139262 whole tour, Frank provided us with very informative history and information about Mazatlan. He is very well spoken, sociable, kept us laughing all day but atrepparttar 139263 same time, very professional. I think what made our tour so much more enjoyable is because Frank loves what he does. As a tour guide, you really have to like your job in order to make your customers happy, and that's Frank. He enjoys meeting people and his big smile is very contagious. As an owner of a travel agency, I highly recommend Mazatlan Frank ( ) for any type of tour. We referred Frank to all of our happy customers.

Yvon Marier

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Catch Some Zzzzzzzzzzzz at Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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A long hall divides bedrooms overlookingrepparttar ocean and overlookingrepparttar 139226 hills. A massive fireplace inrepparttar 139227 original living room has a log mantle. The only television inrepparttar 139228 hotel is in this guest living room, where there is also a grand piano. Heavy benches instead of chairs serverepparttar 139229 oak dining table. The open teak beams ofrepparttar 139230 ceiling were transported by Zane Grey from Tahiti on one of his fishing trips. A heavy hewn plank door opens out onto a wide covered patio overlookingrepparttar 139231 bay and town of Avalon.

The pool area was originally a dirt patio separatingrepparttar 139232 Zane Grey home and that of his brother, Romer C. Grey. The grounds are stuffed with begonias, palms, succulents, potted cacti, and colorful ground cover flowers. Becauserepparttar 139233 home was built into a hillside, many rooms are on different levels, adding torepparttar 139234 charm ofrepparttar 139235 place.

Michael tells us,

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