Maybe You Need A Belt And Suspenders!

Written by John Colanzi

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Here's my simple plan for keeping my business growth on target.

1. Some of my articles are already scheduled to run in one ofrepparttar oldest off-line mail order tabloids, starting with their next issue.

2. I'm looking for more mail order tabloids that run articles, for future submission.

3. I'm pumping up my daily direct mailings. As sales build I'll start using profits to increaserepparttar 125221 number of mailings per day.

4. I'm advertising in more co-publishable publications.

Why co-publishable, I can accept ads from other marketers to offset my marketing costs.

Use co-publishable publications properly and you'll have a wide circulation of your ads with zero expense.

I'm prepared for whatever happens. Are you?

I hope so!

Wishing You Success

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The hard and winding road to Search Engine top ranking

Written by Johan Oun

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- Accuracy: To avoid errors and provide relevant data! This is most important, don't ever try to fool searchengines with tricks and spamming, it will strike back fast, and your site could be banned! That would causerepparttar real hangover.

How do you really get your site top ranked you might ask? If I was to pick one single item it would read: POPULARITY!

- Hrm.. What? POPULARITY? This is just what we are trying to gain by submitting to your-highness-index! You ask me to be popular without anyone knowing me???

- YES!

- But that's ridiculous, are you saying thatrepparttar 125220 sites that everybody already know of and are linking to getrepparttar 125221 highest ranking??

- YES!

- I think I'm getting the-web-promotion-catch-22-hangover!

So you see, patience comes very handy again.

First see to it that people get to your site and LINK TO IT, then get better ranking and attract more visitors that link to you and then .... It's not done over night!

- Can you buy high ranking?

- Yes, some sites PROMISE you a top 10 ranking with their program, this sounds great, but what happens if they get 11 customers?

Now, I can feel you are urging me for some advice of how to get around all this, and get offrepparttar 125222 winding road and ontorepparttar 125223 highway.

OK, here are some hints: - Write an article like this one, maybe it will get published with a link to your site as a reward. - Spend some money on advertising, there are lots of eZines (like this one) offering ads at low prices. - Join a free email list or buy a "professional" list - Join a link or banner exchange program, many of them are free. - Tell your friends (or email them), and ask them to link to your site. - Join a webring (on Yahoo you can find quite a few). - Get listed at Yahoo! This is a chapter of its own, you can read about it on my tutorial pages. - If you have some more money, get an affiliate program for your site. - And, of course userepparttar 125224 promotion-service on our site, it's free.

Johan Oun, systems developer at Zicom Data responsible for the development of our site

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