Maybe I Can Drive That Car

Written by Steve J. Murray

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How can I be an alcoholic when I work, play, and function in society without any problems?

Letís say your driving downrepparttar road, fully in control of your vehicle, when all of a suddenrepparttar 132557 tire blows out. You are not prepared for this, and you hitrepparttar 132558 brakes. The car swerves and hits another vehicle. You come to a stop. There were no injuries to your wife, kids, orrepparttar 132559 other driver. You could say that allís well because you didnít hurt anyone. But if we are honest about it, you did damage to your car andrepparttar 132560 other persons car. They will be without a car for a while. You will be without a car for a while. Think about all that will be affected byrepparttar 132561 accident. You will, and your family will, have to make major adjustments to their life. The other driver will have to make major changes also. In addition to this, there will be much apprehension every timerepparttar 132562 wife, kids, co-worker and others get into a car that your in control of. The stress alone will affect everybody around you- yet you maintain to yourself and everybody else, that you are in control and there is nothing to fear. In your mind you are right. Put this scenario into play about your drinking. Is it notrepparttar 132563 same? You feel fully functional, but yet when a problem arises you donít reactrepparttar 132564 right way and there is damage done- although in your mind you may feel you handledrepparttar 132565 situation correctly. Just look around you, and intorepparttar 132566 faces of those you love, and you will see a different perspective. I remember someone saying, ďI want to die peacefully,repparttar 132567 way my granddad did, not likerepparttar 132568 others inrepparttar 132569 car who were all screaming hysterically.Ē

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I have worked in the chemical dependency and mental health field for 15 years. I have owned and operated my own 50 bed treatment center, annd taught substance abuse education at the corporate level, and am a board member for numerous agencies.

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