Maximizing E-mail Security ROI - Part V – A New Twist to an Old Problem: Email Encryption

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State and federal regulations targeting financial and personal data affect almost every enterprise, with mandates to protect and secure all forms of information. While these regulations rarely explicitly mention email,repparttar laws are broadly written and generally interpreted to cover email and other forms of electronic communication.

Publicly traded enterprises, particularly those inrepparttar 109481 banking and healthcare industries, must guarantee privacy and security of customer or patient information in email by encryptingrepparttar 109482 message and monitoring outbound email for unencrypted or inappropriate patient or customer information. In addition to protecting private information through policy enforcement, companies are responsible for protecting private information while in transit acrossrepparttar 109483 Internet.

Failure to encrypt confidential information that results in a violation of regulatory policy can lead to steep corporate fines as well as possible criminal charges, fines and jail time for company executives. In addition,repparttar 109484 company faces likely lawsuits from customers and patients whose confidential information is compromised.

To help ensure security of confidential information and compliance with regulations, businesses must ensure that:

  • Email messages containing confidential information are kept secure when transmitted over an unprotected link
  • Email systems and users are properly authenticated so that confidential information does not get intorepparttar 109485 wrong hands
  • Email servers and message stores where confidential information may be stored are protected

Make Sure it’s Greek to Them

A comprehensive email security approach including encryption isrepparttar 109486 most effective defense against all external and internal threats. For more information on how to encrypt information entering and leaving your enterprise email network, download CipherTrust's FREE whitepaper, "Protecting Email Privacy: Overview of IronMail Privacy Architecture".

CipherTrust and The IronMail Insider wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season and allrepparttar 109487 best for a prosperous 2005!

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Maximizing E-mail Security ROI - Part IV – The Digital Monsters under Your Bed: E-Mail Intruders

Written by CipherTrust

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A terrifying example ofrepparttar liability faced by an organization which fails to prevent intrusions happened very recently. On August 1, 2004, a database intrusion occurred through one unsecured computer atrepparttar 109480 University of California - Berkeley. The intrusion wasn't discovered until August 30, meaningrepparttar 109481 hackers had a full month of unfettered access torepparttar 109482 personal information of as many as 1.4 million disabled and elderly Californians, openingrepparttar 109483 door to a potentially devastating class action suit by those affected. This incident serves as a disturbing reminder that a single workstation can sacrificerepparttar 109484 identities of millions.


Loss of trust from partners and customers due to a company's failure to prevent hackers from accessing their network can be just as destructive as any lawsuit. Failure to prevent intrusions into an e-mail system will leave administrators with few, if any, options afterrepparttar 109485 damage is done. Business partners will be understandably reluctant to share any of their proprietary information, and customers will likely look to your competitors to ensure that their private data is safe.

Not surprisingly, most companies will go to great lengths to hiderepparttar 109486 fact that their systems have been compromised. Over 50% of respondents torepparttar 109487 2004 Computer Crime and Security Survey byrepparttar 109488 FBI and Computer Security Institute indicated that they did not report system intrusions to law enforcement or legal council because of fear of negative publicity. Of course, if they'd had effective intrusion prevention inrepparttar 109489 first place, there wouldn't be anything to report.

Asset/IP protection

The only way to ensure that all information residing on, or accessible through, e-mail servers is protected is to make it completely invisible to hackers and other would-be intruders. While some software-based approaches do serviceable jobs of detecting intrusion attempts and thwarting them when they happen,repparttar 109490 mere fact thatrepparttar 109491 hacker knows whererepparttar 109492 network is provides motivation enough to keep trying to find a way in.

When your company's intellectual property is stolen or otherwise compromised,repparttar 109493 catastrophic costs can be staggering. According torepparttar 109494 2004 Computer Crime and Security Survey, a total of 269 respondents from U.S. corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, medical institutions and universities reported intellectual property losses totaling $11,460,000 in damages from theft of proprietary information. An unfortunate side note to this statistic: 98% ofrepparttar 109495 survey respondents had firewall protection in place, a revealing testament torepparttar 109496 ineffectiveness of stand-alone security components.

Get Rid ofrepparttar 109497 Modern-Day Monsters

A comprehensive e-mail security approach including elements of anti-spam, anti-virus, policy enforcement, intrusion prevention and encryption isrepparttar 109498 most effective defense against all external and internal threats. For more information on how to protect your enterprise network from all manner of e-mail threats, download CipherTrust's FREE whitepaper, “"Securingrepparttar 109499 E-Mail Boundary: An Overview of IronMail".

The final installment ofrepparttar 109500 Maximizing E-Mail Security ROI series will discussrepparttar 109501 issues surrounding encryption of confidential information contained in e-mail messages.

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, "Securing the E-Mail Boundary: An Overview of IronMail"

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