Maximize Your Frames For Ultimate Search Engine Performance!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Now that you have a specific frame selected, you'll want to look at all and only your pages that have all your text information within them. You will also want to pre-determine ONE "key Phrase" that best describes each page. Ex. If I had a page about "Affordable Web Design" called: "web-design.html", I will want to write that down somewhere and keep it handy forrepparttar next step.

Take a moment to go through all your information and write down a descriptive "key phrase" andrepparttar 128299 "URL" for each page of information within your site.

Are you done? Good, let's now add this list to your site...

Going back torepparttar 128300 "Frame" that you selected to work on, I want you to add each "Key Phrase" underneathrepparttar 128301 information that people will see. You can make it all a list of just bullet point, doesn't matter, no one will know it's there except you.

It may look something like this:

Affordable Web Design (linking to "web-design.html) Graphic Design (linking to "graphic-services.html) Print Ad Design (linking to "print-design.html)

Whatever you have within your site that has information, you want to add it torepparttar 128302 frame you selected to work on.

Don't forget to test out your frame within different screen sizes as well. Sometimes if you add these links in a frame right underrepparttar 128303 cut off point, someone else with a larger screen may start to see allrepparttar 128304 links you added. Make sure to add your link phrases far down enough so that your visitors don't accidentally stumble upon them.

Once your finished adding your info, upload your new page and wait for search engines to come back to your site and find your newly found infostructure.

Please remember that search engines are getting smarter and smarter byrepparttar 128305 update, utilizing spam tactics such as key word dumping and cloaking are frowned upon and can get you banned. This tactic in it's simplicity is a way to provide search engines a road map to all your crutial key phrases and information. This is in no way a method to trick search engines nor would I even endorse such a method.

Best Of Luck To Ya!

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Getting Listed in the Top Three Search Engines for Free

Written by Jinger Jarrett

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You can submit to Yahoo here:

There are also several other search engines I recommend that you submit to that will bring you some excellent results.

DMOZ - - DMOZ is actually a directory, not a search engine, but it provides backend results for Google.

Exactseek - - This site is part ofrepparttar Jayde Online Network and includes GoArticles, Site Pro News, and FreeWareFind.

Alexa - - If you're looking for sites that are comparable to yours, or you would like to see how you rank, submit here. You can also gather some excellent statistical information about your site, including who is linking to you.

Spider Hub - - Although this is a fairly new search engine, it boasts that you can get spidered by Google in three to five days by being included in this directory. It also only takes about two days to get added provided you have placedrepparttar 128298 small spider on your site.


1. You are more likely to be included in Google and rank higher if you are linked to other sites and "enterrepparttar 128299 back door" of Google. Link to sites that are already included.

2. You can also get included in MSN by being linked to other sites included in MSN.

3. Submit onlyrepparttar 128300 top level page, i.e. domain, for your site. The spider will take care ofrepparttar 128301 rest and grabrepparttar 128302 other pages. For example:

4. Turn your sites into a network of sites. I currently own four domains, and I have noticed that since I linked all of my sites together, I am getting more traffic.

5. Link to other sites. You want to choose sites that complement, and not compete, with yours. Search using key words similar to yours to help you find other sites to link to.

6. Don't submit affiliate pages. Search engines usually only accept top level domains now and will not accept mirror pages.

7. Optimize your key words, description, and title. This is oftenrepparttar 128303 most overlooked step, especially by newbies. Key words are less relevant thanrepparttar 128304 description and title as Inktomi isrepparttar 128305 only one that usually uses key words for indexing sites.

A well designed site with relevant key words and rich content will go a long way to helping you get successfully submitted torepparttar 128306 search engines. A good linking strategy, as well as submitting torepparttar 128307 search engines regularly, and you have a much better chance of being found byrepparttar 128308 potential customers looking for you.

Jinger Jarrett is a former military journalist and newpaper reporter who writes and consults on internet marketing. She now owns Killer Marketing Arsenal, where you will find over 200+ high traffic sites to promote your business. You can get a copy of her free report, "7 Free Traffic Generators for Maximum Traffic and Sales."

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