Maternity Wear - What style will suit me?

Written by Leisa Sanderson

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Disadvantages - extra material in front can look a 'little baggy' in early pregnancy (although you can spread it out alongrepparttar elastic).

2. Belly Panel - has a front panel that is made from stretchable fabric.

Advantages - expands naturally as your belly does, tends to give more feeling of support right throughout your pregnancy than your elastic waist style.

Disadvantages - Panel may remain stretched after pregnancy; make sure you buy ones made of high quality.

3. Adjustable elastic - Have adjustable elastic usually on either side and made of stretch material.

Advantages - You select how firm you want this style to sit, also helps post pregnancy as you can return them torepparttar 140285 original size. Gives a feeling of support.

Disadvantages - None.

Fold over top - Fold over top is made from stretch material, it gives yourepparttar 140286 choice of where you wantrepparttar 140287 waist to sit, you can wear them folded down early in your pregnancy and unfold them as your bump grows. These are one ofrepparttar 140288 most popular styles purchased through our store. Recommended for 2-9 months.

Advantages - Gives you extra feeling of support if you feel you need it or you can leave them foldedrepparttar 140289 choice is yours.

Disadvantages - None, although cheap brands may lose some elasticity following pregnancy.

The information supplied in this article is a guide only, individual manufacturers may vary in sizing and styles, please check with your supplier prior to purchase.

Leisa Sanderson is a mother of two. Owner and Operator of Bumps and Bundles - Online article and resource directory for 'all things maternal' and Bump and Bundles Maternity - Online retailer of Maternity baby and toddler wear, and baby gift items.

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